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29 June 2014

Party Favors (and craft!) for a Monster Party

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monster bag supplies with label  amy renea a nest for all seasonsWhen I host birthday parties, I always used an ice-breaker craft that 

A.  doubles as a favor 


B.  takes forever to complete.


 The kids straggle in at different times at the start of a birthday party and I want to have something ready to go that can fill the time.  The solution for our monster party was a monster bag!  Complete with fur, googly eyes and a variety of facial features, the kids could take their time making it as cute or fierce looking as they choose.  The bags carried home the favors at the end of the party -- double the purpose, double the fun!

The Supplies:

*Portions of this post have been previously published at Crafts Unleashed.


cutting foam teeth  amy renea a nest for all seasons

The edging scissors were a must have for this party, providing the decorative cuts for monster "teeth" and eyebrows as well as serving as the monster teeth cutters for our lunch sandwiches.  The link in the supply section above provides a variety of edging scissors that would all work well.

monster party activities and games amy renea a nest for all seasons

Caution:  If you use these scissors on a variety of craft materials (and/or bread and cheese), they will not work as well on your nice craft papers.  They are fairly inexpensive though, so just grab one pair for fun and one for your "good" crafts.

The Setup:

eyeball bag  amy renea a nest for all seasons

To make things easy on the kiddo guests, I separated the supplies out into bags "labeled" with each specific supply.  For example, the bag with all the googly eyes had a pair glued to the front, the pom pom bag had a pom pom nose and ears on the front, and so on.

monster bags  amy renea a nest for all seasons

A little glue, imagination and dry time and each kiddo had their own unique favor bag!

This favor/craft concept could work with any themed party 
and these bags are the EXACT perfect size for little favor bags (and they are cheap to boot!)


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