Little Kitchens

I don't drink the "big kitchens are better" juice. I just don't buy it. The bigger my kitchens have been, the less content I have been IN them. Of course, content in the kitchen is not always a true picture of me.  I would rather be snipping herbs outside, organizing the pantry with cute labels or making gifts of flavored oils and salts, but cooking?  Not as much.

The truth is, however, that I MUST spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  There are breakfasts to be thrown together at lightning speed (carb - fruit - protein - CHECK!) and lunches to be served to the back porch picnic table.  There are dishes to be thrown in the dishwasher and big dirty pots to fill, soak and scrub.  There are those flavored oil gifts to be made and always a pantry and fridge to reorganize.  There are crock pot meals to try and bad pinterest recipes to fail.  There are little hands to be washed, flower stems to be stripped, and thrift store finds to be soaked, scrubbed and dried.  There is always something to be done in the kitchen.

So wouldn't a HUGE kitchen be a dream?



You see, I was looking at this gorgeous home tour of a renovated home in upstate New York.  The home was meticulously done and some areas, such as the incredible staircase (below) maintained the charm of the century+ old home while bringing it into the current age.

via Country Living

The kitchen though?

It is beautiful, but it is just. too. big.  There is nothing left of the tiny kitchen charm that used to be there.  
It is gorgeous, but it makes me miss the old kitchen.  Anybody with me?  am I alone in this?
(kind of like an old lady with plastic surgery...beautiful, but the aging gracefully thing goes out the window...)

via Country Living
I have always liked small spaces because they are:

A.  Quaint and Cute (There is a reason girl's like doll houses and fairy homes cut out of tree bark!)
B.   Easier to Clean (Less Surface -- Less Mess)
C.  Restrains Clutter (If you don't have the room, you DON'T HAVE THE ROOM)
D.  Keeps the Kids Out

WHOA.  What?  Some of you may have come screeching to a halt on that last one, but hear me out.  I love bringing the kids into the kitchen for crafting or cooking when it makes sense.  I do NOT want them in the kitchen when I am rushing around with hot water, knives and trying to organize 7 different things (the meat, the sides, the rolls, the drinks, the silverware...blah blah blah) to get on the table at the same time.  In fact, I don't want ANYONE else in the kitchen when I am in that mad rush.

Moreso, I don't even want people in the kitchen when I am cleaning up from dinner.  That is my quiet time.  Me, my leftover drink from dinner, the 'Stuff I Missed in History' podcast and 30 minutes of solace in a day full of baby screaming and little boys fighting.  The kiddos get bathed by Daddy and the kitchen gets cleaned and by the time we are both finished, all is right with the world.

...but enough about my introverted tendencies (who am I kidding, I am a full-fledged raging introvert), let us move on to design, shall we?  If you would LIKE to read more of my ranting and raving over folks in the kitchen, you might appreciate The Way I Like Kitchens.

...but onto the design...
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I like the charm of a small kitchen.  One that looks like this:

THIS ONE with those plants on the counter instead of food...
THIS ONE with that tiny little table...
THIS ONE for making clutter adorable by containing it...
THIS ONE for its galley shape and the nursery outside the window...
THIS ONE for that beautiful focus wall and galley layout...
THIS ONE because it is a GARDEN kitchen!
THIS ONE for the small space, but BIG window!
THIS ONE because it is a tiny space, but adorable whites on the shelving...

...and because one more THIS ONE would be ONE TOO MANY....follow along as I keep pinning on my Interiors Inspiration Board!

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Well, this is very interesting! Especially because I recently moved to a patio apartment and just last weekend finished decorating my tiny little kitchen. (Go take a look.) I love cozy small spaces as well. I have no use for big spaces. To me there is no charm in massive rooms. And of course my blog is called Cozy Little House!
Amy Renea said…
Somebody who gets it!! I would love to see your home Brenda!
jess said…
I dunno if you remember my kitchen or not. I do dream of a bigger kitchen--not so much for size, but for a little more cupboard space, my workspace is about 10 square feet. But, when I say bigger, I don't mean open to everything. I like kitchens that are tucked away in a corner of a house that can be "shut down" and closed off (not by an actual door, but by turing out the lights and/or not seeing it anymore) when they're all cleaned up at night. Or, to be alone while I clean up and not in the heart of the house available to anyone who walks by. Ours is accessible and can be seen from every other living area and its light is the main light of the house at night (note to self: get more living room light!), and I get tired of staring at the Workhorse Room when I'm all done in there for all of 2 waking hours unil puting it back to work for breakfast. :-)
Amy Renea said…
I DO remember your kitchen Jess! There is a bit of a walk through aspect to yours, just like mine, and some days it drives me batty! I am with you...a space "tucked away" is where I want to work, never out in theh open. Thermistor be an analogy to birds somewhere in there :). Anyway, yes I agree with you that by "little" I don't mean two cabinets and no counter space, but rather a workspace instead of a showpiece. With your kitchen abilities, I can imagine you spend a LOT of time in yours Jess! You have a window to the backyard, right?? That is always my escape when the kitchen gets crowded...gaze gaze gaze out that window!!