I Only Decorate in Black or Very, Very Dark Grey.

Good thing Glidden primer is included in Glidden® paint because decorating in all black is going to be tricky.  
Welcome to the Batroom.

This post was sponsored by Glidden® paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. I was compensated to write a post for Glidden® paint, all opinions are mine.


Roller and Brushes
Sharpie (optional)
Silhouette and Vinyl or Vinyl Stickers

Painter's Tape

Glidden paint's simplified palette allows for easy color selection.  Instead of 1,000 overwhelming choices, you pick a solid black and a solid grey and you are set to go.  No wishy washing around deciding between 17,000 greys.  Nice, huh?

So here is what we are starting with.  The boys beat up their furniture pretty badly.  Instead of purchasing new, I give things facelifts as many times as possible (before they literally crumble to the ground).

The rest of this space was not much better.  Lots of mismatched furniture, dings ALL over the wall, crayon marks, scuffs on everything -- you get the picture.  Out went the old bedframe that was officially dead and everything else got a little bat tweaking.  See the Loft Playzones RIGHT HERE and you notice that most of room is still available for play, but the cubbies and desk offer a very distinct private area.

The little white cubbies were a MUST have for our 8 year old.  He had been asking about cubbies ever since we installed them in our entryway.  We were lucky enough to find ALL of these for a total of $2.45 at our local thrift store along with the cool aluminum embroidery hoops (more on them later).  He paid for them himself with his hard earned money.  Aside from paint and vinyl, everything else was already on hand.

Tips and Tricks for a Gotham City Skyline

  • Start with the gray "shadows" and work in big, bold shapes.  Variety is nice!  
  • Use a yardstick or painter's tape to get super straight lines.  
  • Pull the tape up BEFORE the paint is completely dry to avoid ripping.

  • Once the shadows are dry, start taping off your black skyscapers.
  • Angled buildings are unexpected and offer a bit of villiany to the skyscape.
  • Use a paintbrush to do detail work along window sills, electrical outlets, etc. first.
  • Then roll along the taped areas, just barely rolling onto the tape.
  • Fill in the rest of the area with your roller, making sure to not push so hard that you get lines.

The Glidden paint and primer in one did a great job of covering, even with black, but you will still need 2 coats.  The grey took only one coat on the wall and two coats on furniture.  A nice change from 4 coats when trying to paint anything dark!

Once everything is completely dry, I added grid details with black and white vinyl and some chalk pen.  
The little cubes from inside the window panes ended up being great to highlight some of the angled walls and roofs on the skyline.

It is strange to have your oldest start to grow up.  The boys have been in the same room for a long, long time now, not due to a lack of space, but because they want to be together.  They still love being together and are already having "meetings" in the "batroom", but things have subtly shifted.  He wanted more privacy, more space of his own, a place to be fiercely independent within the safe walls of this house.  He has his space.

I often fight against his independence.  I want him to listen, to obey.  I want him to want to be home forever.  I want him to want to be with his family more than his friends.  I know this is a war I will never win.  Batroom is the first step and we handled it with ease.  I hope the next steps are just as seamless.  I am not sure how much more independence I can take.  I think he can handle a lot more than I.

Next steps?

A light that shines the bat logo onto the ceiling above his bed.


A new room design for the little boys -- they are excited!

Want more?

UPDATE: I tried the Martha Stewart white 'Popcorn' in the DUO Glidden base and had to return it.  The formula was VERY thick and goopy, dripped a LOT.  I'm not sure if it is the lighter color, the combo of MS colors and Glidden paint or what, but I do not recommend it.  The black and grey shown above were very easy to work with -- the white?  Not so much.  You have been warned!


I love that batman quote and totally dig a dark color scheme! Very cool little boy's room!
it looks amazing!!! i love the back of the desk! such a great idea.
Such a cool boy room! The independence thing is tough. They're always more ready than we are. (Speaking as a mom sending her baby off to college in 2 months )
Amy Renea said…
You guys are so kind :) thanks :) :)

Susan, you need to school me in the art of raising them to send them off -- scares me/!!