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Most of you know that I write for Consumer Crafts on their blog, Crafts Unleashed. Perhaps you have even seen a jewelry tutorial or two from me over there.  What you might NOT know is that I had never made a stick of jewelry (aside from friendship bracelets at summer camp) until last year when I found out June was jewelry month at CC and we were tasked with doing at least one jewelry tutorial.  COLD SWEAT.  I made a super simple leather and bugle bead bracelet (you can see it HERE) and the addiction began.  I started following along with the other jewelry posts on Crafts Unleashed and MAN some of the craft designers are talented!  I was completely hooked and each month would buy a few more beads, a few more baubles, a few more findings.   

After creating various pieces of jewelry and collecting for a while, I realized I had managed to amass quite a little stash.  I thought it would be fun to share the wealth, invite some girly family members and create a DIY Jewelry Bar.  It is just as you might imagine...those beads, baubles and findings all laid out in an "all-you-can-make" setting and each girl gets to be as creative as she wants.

To get you started, Consumer Crafts has put together a little ebook with some great tutorials.  
Grab the ebook for free RIGHT HERE!  Yes, you need to give your email.  Yes, it is worth it.

Want more jewelry tutorials for FREE?  Follow along on the Crafts Unleashed blog! will see me there often!!  It is my favorite place to be!

...and to make your party even better, Consumer Crafts is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one of you!  

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