Do I only listen to playlists from TV shows?

That was my question as I listened to my playlists on vacation over and over and over again. There were no cds, no radio, no new itunes purchases in Costa Rica, so the 50 songs I had on my playlists were it. Over and over and over again. In fact, baby girl decided she liked falling asleep to the 'yoga' playlist so those 12 songs played about 1200 times over a few weeks. It got me thinking while I was listening to these same 50 songs, and I realized almost ALL of them are from a TV show, featured on a TV show or inspired by a TV show. Is that weird?

My hands down favorites are from Nashville. Anything by Claire Bowen, particularily ballads goes immediately to my playlist. The rest o0f the music? I could take it or leave it, but when Claire sings, I listen. That girl is amazing. I don't watch Nashville all that faithfully. In fact, I think I missed an entire seasons, but the music fills our house CONSTANTLY.

Then there is Hart of Dixie -- another show that is hit or miss, but one where the music is usually dead on. My favorites always seem to be centered around Wade for some reason -- recommended by Wade, playing under a montage of Wade, etc, etc. It is weird.

Of course, there is GLEE! I also don't watch Glee faithfully, but once in awhile there is some seriously great music that comes off of the show. I am a big fan of the Christmas songs, yes, even in summer and anything from the first season is good. I am also a BIG big fan of the Katy Perry songs (NONE of the Gaga songs mind you) and listen to them on repeat.

My question for YOU is twofold;

A. Are your playlists TV-centric?


B. I want suggestions! The show itself doesn't have to be great, but the music DOES.

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The bold ones you MUST go listen to!

From Nashville:

From Hart of Dixie:

From GLEE:

Honorary mention: 

Let Her Go -- featured on the Voice, but this is a great version from Passenger
Say Something -- featured on the Voice
Fix You - Coldplay -- an oldie, but a goodie I downloaded when it was on The Newsroom
The Scientist - Coldplay -- because I got hooked back into Coldplay
Cruise - featured on The SingOff, but this is the Florida Georgia Line remix

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Laura said…
I love the CDs from One Tree Hill and The O.C. Both had great music!
Amy Renea said…
Must check those out!!! Thanks for the recommendations Laura!!!