Directory of Compilation and Submission Sites for Bloggers

OK folks.  I have talked quite a lot about curated compilation sites and as I prepare for Iretreat this year,  it is time to bite the bullet and throw together a full scale directory based solely on TRAFFIC. I've been submitting to some of these sites for years (Hello Craftgawker!) and mere months to others, but you can quickly tell which ones are going to be beneficial to you as a blogger. Sites are categorized by subject and then ranked based on how much traffic they typically send to me (this is all of course anecdotal evidence).  In full disclosure, I own the Looksi Network, but am basing my rankings here on personal blog traffic.

I will be speaking June 22nd at Iretreat in Hershey on this very subject, so please stop by and see me if you are attending!!!  (Also, check out the articles at the end of this post for more info on what kinds of photos to take for these sites that are typically accepted.)  Ready? Here goes!

Food Submission Sites:

The food submission sites are HUGE for traffic and combined send more traffic than any others (except for sewing!)!  Get cooking!

LooksiBite:         SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Tastespotting:    SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Tasteologie:        SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Liquorious:         SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

Craft Submission Sites:

Sadly, there are less curated craft sites than there are food, but craftgawker makes up for it with TERRIFIC traffic!  They also sometimes accept garden and photography posts (BONUS!)

Craftgawker:          SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
LooksiSquare:       SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Fave Crafts:            SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Stylegawker:           SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Dwellinggawker:  SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
*Hometalk:             SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT HERE
Craft Gossip:           EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION HERE
iShare Crafts:          SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
*Makes & Takes:    SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Daily DIY:                SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
Totally Tutorials:    SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
One Pretty Thing:   SUBMIT via EMAIL HERE
The CH:                     SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

Wedding Submission Sites:

There are a TON of wedding submission blogs out there, but we are focusing more on websites that compile a large amount of material each day as opposed to blogs doing large features.  Here are the few that did the best for me when I was submitting my wedding photography.

Weddinggawker:   SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE 
LooksiSquare:        SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE
One Pretty Thing:  SUBMIT via EMAIL HERE

Sewing Submission Sites:

Sewing is the grandaddy of traffic for my blog, which is funny because my skills are not anything to write home about.  I just enjoy a nice simple sewing project and it turns out, many of you at home do as well!  These sites drive a lot of traffic for me in addition to the craft submission sites listed above.

Go To Sew:           SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

*Site is not curated, but IS a compilation site and can drive some traffic to your site.

...but I can't get published!

Having issues getting accepted to these sites? (Some of them are a bear - I KNOW...)  Check out the articles below for help!

Learn how to shoot the traditional square layout photos!
Learn the "money shots"!
The Looksi Network Submission Guidelines

Do you have a site to add to the list?  Let me know and I will test it out!

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