Buy It or Make It -- Poor or Rich

Pampering is a luxury, but it isn't classist.  When we were at our poorest, I could still afford a nice smelling bar soap from the dollar store or clearance aisles at Marshall's.  The rich can afford dead sea salt facials, chocolate massages and baths in tubs of milk.  While I am not quite at that level, I do enjoy a few luxury products here and there.  I have learned to make some of the more cost prohibitive luxuries and often share those with you here on the blog. Join me today as I share a few of my favorites to make and a few that I shell out the cash for.

BUY IT:  Burt's Bees Grapefruit Lip Balm.  I have a thing for Burt's Bees.  It went from unknown to trendy and now straight into the pocket of not-so-trendy, but I am a happy fan through and through.  There are very few products I do NOT like from Burt's Bees that it is actually easier to list them than it is my preferred products.  (The lime lip balm and baby diaper ointment are two of my least favorites.)  The grapefruit lip balm sits right at the top of the list with the regular old Burt's Bees original. (You can get it in this "Superfruit Cluster", but I wasn't able to find it by itself on Amazon)

MAKE IT:  You know I love my grapefruit and I use it in just about everything from sugar scrub to my own personal perfumes

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VERDICT:  Both.  The lip balm is relatively cheap for the amount of time it lasts and I have loved every grapefruit product I have made.

BUY IT:  HollyBeth Organics - with a caveat.  Here is the thing with luxury bath and body products.  They get used up REALLY quickly if they are a shampoo or soap.  If they are a lotion, lip balm or other wax/oil based product, they last a LOT longer.  So that is my litmus test.  If I am going to spend a lot on something, it is going to have to LAST.  I totally have my eye on this Lavender Hand Cream , this Marigold toner, the Orange Peppermint Creme and Oh who is kidding, I should just get the whole sample set.  Nope, I take it back -- I want to try this rose geranium facial kit.

MAKE IT:  I love making soap!  You know that by now, right?  I do use regular dishwashing/hand soap, and enjoy a luxury bar of soap from the clearnace aisle of TJMaxx everynow and again, but we use a lot of my hand crafted bar soap.  It is fun and easy to make, looks beautiful and I am one of those handmade folks who loves using something I have helped to put together.

VERDICT:  BUY HollyBeth's hand lotions and various facial creams, but MAKE soap and MAKE Body Lotion.  It is just too cost prohibitive to buy luxury large scale products like body lotions and soaps.  I stick to the once in awhile expensive luxuries from HollyBeth's and make my own for the rest.

BUY IT: Burt's Bees Apricot Oil and Shea Moisture Shampoo.  My sister in law bought this shampoo for us and it has literally lasted our baby girl her entire first year.  You need just the tiniest bit and it smells delicious for a good long while.  Same goes for the oil -- the smell is fabulous and it only takes a pinch in a sink of bathwater to make baby smell amazing.

MAKE IT:  I don't use a lot of products on my babies, but I stick to buying and not making for them.  I know that seems a little contrary, as I could make completely natural products for them and all, but I feel safer knowing many trials for safety and such have been done on baby products and feel safer buying mid-level luxury toiletries for them.  The boys?  They get good old soap and Johnson's shampoo.  After the baby stage, it is all about a good old-fashioned "clean" and "Is the sand out from behind their ears?"


C.O. Bigelow makes the best little tins of stuff.  I love the feel of the metal, the way the lids twist and every product I have ever used from them is delightful.  This Rose Salve is number 1, with the RoseBUD Salve (yes, there is a difference) coming in a close second.  I mainly use them for lips, but they are great for a little chapping on fingers, toes and more.

You might have also noticed another Burt's Bees fav in the very first photo of this post.  It is the almond hand cream and I have NEVER smelled a better lotion.  OK, now it is YOUR turn.  Please share your favorite buys and makes and FEEL FREE to use your amazon affiliate link when suggesting in the comment section!

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