Bear Button Earrings ::: FREE PRINTABLE!

Our jewelry girl Aki is back and she has brought some FREE printables this time!
You are going to love them! Without further adieu, let's dive right in, shall we?


Hi friends! It's Aki from Minted Strawberry again - I'm so happy to be back here to share a quick and easy jewelry craft. I was thinking of what to give to my sister's best friends from school for the end of the school year - I wanted to give them something inexpensive but also something they'll love. While searching for some craft items I came across these really cute bear buttons at the local dollar store so I decided I'd make them button earrings - who doesn't love that, right? If you haven't forayed into the world of jewelry-making, this is the perfect craft to try, you just need a few things. Plus download the free 'Happy Summer' jewelry card holder if you're planning to give some away this summer :)


Find some cute-shaped buttons with flat backs (no shanks). If you can't find some at your local dollar store,
there are a ton of options at any craft store for cheap as well. Choose two matching buttons (or mismatch them if you're into that).

I find it easier to lay out my materials before I start.
You will need two flat-pad earring posts for this project - the ones with the smaller flat pads will work better.

Now just take your E6000, apply some onto the flat pad of your earring post and glue onto the back of your button.
Make as many as you want! I swear it's really addicting.

Wait for the glue to dry and you are done! Aren't they just adorable?

The jewelry card is available in black and white - just print this onto any cardstock color you want. I chose pink because I was going to give it to little girls and most of the time, they love pink. Anyway, to use your jewelry card, just mark where you want your holes and poke a hole with a safety pin or needle.

Do you give gifts at the end of the school year? I hope this inspired you to make some quick and easy earrings to give out as well.
Have a great week you guys and till next time!

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Thanks Aki!!  I am loving these and the FREE PRINTABLE is fab!!  Thanks girl!  
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