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27 June 2014

An Outdoor Shoe Box for the DIY Budget

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We have incredible amounts of shoes.  
Flip flops.  Boots.  Sneakers.  Sandals. 
Skates.  Heels.  Water Shoes.  Loafers.
A shoe for every season.  Shoes for every boy.
We needed a storage SOLUTION pronto.

After removing seasonal shoes and storing them, we were still left this at the back door:

One bucket that wasn't doing a fantastic job.

So I found this:

Let's just say it was not in good shape.

There were two of these boxes, actually, and they came along with the $100 Craiglist haul that I mainly picked up to furnish our girly nursery.  You can see all the other pieces HERE.  Basically, these two chests were free.  ...and old and sad.  They were solid however, so I decided to give them a quick spruce-up and if they didn't last??  So be it.  They can be burned in a summer campfire.  Almost 2 years later...they are going strong.

I gave them a good cleaning with regular old soap and water and let them dry out well in the sun.  I had some old sewing patterns, so I snipped them up into the coolest looking pieces and went bonkers with layers of patterns and outdoor ready modpodge.

We still have that overflowing basket of shoes, but now I just upend it into the big cedar chest and things are a lot nicer outside the back door.

Encouragement of the day?

Keep hounding those boys to put away their shoes.  Eventually some system will WORK.


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