The Weekly Rhubarb takes on WOOD CHIP MULCH!

So last year, we talked about my daylily bed and I sang the merits of mulch and gave you a few places to get cheap or free mulch. 

 Today, we dive into a controversial side of mulch!

Now, I know you must be confused by the weekly rhubarb thing, so let me explain.  Back when, a LONG time ago (notice the "blogspot" in the rhubarb button?!?), I decided I wanted to focus on some controversial subjects.  The term "rhubarb" refers to a fight in a baseball game and it sounded like the right kind of innocent "riling up" that I like.  Of course, I guess I am less controversial than I thought because I did like two posts and then went back to DIY Gardening and Craft Ideas pretty much immediately.

In any case, I found a topic that I wanted to share and it made me want to bring back the rhubarb! 
 Although we might just rename it the yearly rhubarb instead of weekly?

So let us just JUMP right in!  I have rounded up some of my favorite discussions on the web where gardeners get a little fired up :)  (Am I the only one that spends my free time reading gardening forums and getting as engrossed in the controversial ones as one would a soap opera??  Yes?  ah well...)  In any case, dive in, get educated, be entertained and then share YOUR opinion on the topic!

Mulch looks TERRIBLE!  Why would you put mulch on your beautiful garden?  YOU SO LAZY?!?!

Pillbugs and the MULCH problem -- gardeners get HEATED in this one!

I'm a mulch beginner HELP! (The veterans that jump in here get very interesting :)

Mulch KILLS TREES!  ...and you should use rubber instead?!?

Take a stand in the line at the store and tell that cusomter behind you DON'T BUY THAT CYPRESS MULCH!

Cypress mulch is EVIL!

An interesting and slightly less combative discussion between gardeners about mulching a veggie bed.


Patti said…
Personally I love the look of shredded hardwood in my gardens but part of me would also like to use compost as many guru's suggest but so far that is not an option. Supplier, time, money....
Nice post Amy.
Amy Renea said…
I agree -- compost EVERYWHERE would be nice, but we don't make enough of it!! Enough to nourish the plants, but not make them pretty...ah well. At least the garden produces my flowers well even if it is not always gorgeous :)