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16 May 2014

Survey Results, Sarah and Deblina and The Header Parade

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A week or so ago, I asked you for 5 minutes of your time to complete a little survey.

The results were very interesting.  When I first started the survey, things looked like this:

Then I said this on Facebook: 

...and this happened:



So photography evened out a bit and gardening took a nosedive.  AH WELL.  Poor gardening.

In any case, it was fabulous to get to see your responses and I have a better direction on the amount of energy I put towards certain subjects and a much greater insight into how you feel about ads.  I appreciate your participation and am only disappointed in one thing I found out about you guys.  NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU know who Sarah and Deblina are.  That hurts my heart. (NOTE:  I spelled Deblina's name wrong on Facebook!!  I only listen to them, not read...OOPS!) Sarah, Deblina and I hang out every day around lunch time and again in the evening when I am doing the dinner dishes.  They are the (former) hosts of my favorite podcast "Stuff You Missed in History Class, now hosted by Tracy and Holly (also lovely girls, but not quite the same as good old Sarah and Deblina).  All that said (and this is in NO WAY sponsored) GO LISTEN to a podcast RIGHT HERE.  Especially you history dorks I know are reading....yes you Carcasonne fans...you will like it.  Today's episode is the Flu Epidemic of 1918 I think :)

OK - Moving on...I also asked when you started reading this blog.  I was very, very happy that the answers ranged from "the VERY beginning" to "a few years" to "that one post you did on.................." to "a few weeks" or "just recently!".  That blows my mind a little and is a very good thing that old readers are sticking around, yet new readers are coming aboard.  THANK YOU!  When thinking back over the various times I joined blogs I always remember which header they had on their blog when I first found them.  I thought it would be fun to take a walk back at the Nest for a Header Parade.  Are you ready?  

Here is the current header:

...and of course this past Christmas and Fall...

I liked last summer's header too -- Simple and Sweet!

This header was a good one -- it lasted a long time!

Another version...

I liked this romantic Spring header too from 2013...

...and another long lasting design...

The year before was ALL about plants!

Did you join around Christmas in 2011?  You might remember THESE headers~!

Maybe you joined in the summer of 2011?  These are a few favorites from that time...

My design skills left a little to be desired...

Didn't make the cut...

...and the beat goes on and on and on on back...

I need to find that very first header...

Thanks for filling out the survey, joining me on the header parade and GO LISTEN to Deblina and Sarah (go back for the older podcasts not the current ones!)  

Happy listening!
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