Start planning for Mommy Camp NOW! ::::: Bug and Garden Week

Will your kids be home all day, every day this summer?  Will you be looking for SOMETHING to keep them occupied?
Need some ideas?  I have GOT YOU COVERED!  Let's start with a good old bug and garden week, shall we?

Mommy Camp will be starting up again soon! Let's get READY!

Bug and Garden Week Ideas

Want more ideas?  THIS BOOK has proven invaluable for fun, easy and cheap garden craft ideas!  I actually started off with Laurie's 'More Than Moccasins' when we were doing a Native American week and was instantly hooked on her series of kids' crafts books.  Lots of simple, easy projects that can be made with recyclables.  Some are messy -- some are not.  All are imaginative.

Still at a loss?
Let the kids loose in the garden (or woods or the beach or a park).  They will discover on their own.




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