So how do you blog?

So yesterday, I showed you my "Day in the Life" and you might have wondered if I was lying about it all. I mean, clearly I didn't spend any amount of time really writing or even photographing, so when do I actually blog? Good question.

I have talked before about how I split my work into "shifts", doing multiple posts at a time. For example, I will work on crafts and house projects for 2-3 days getting the house trashed. Then I will get everything photographed (8-10 posts in one day -- full article on this is HERE). The next day, I will get the house back in order (as much as possible) and then edit those photographs the next day or so, plopping them into posts (without words yet) to keep them organized.  When I have a calm, 2-3 hour chunk of time, I will write.  ...and write and write and write.  Once I get on a roll, it is hard to stop writing :)

So what was the "day in the life" day?  Well, for starters, the whole shebang was a post in itself, so that counts as one.  I did the actual day (days actually, it took 2 to get the morning-late afternoon "day") at one time, then the editing and writing came on subsequent days.  You might have also noticed I was:

1.  Photographing the Maple Tapping Process (for a future post)
2.  Making Granola with Maple Sap (for a related post)
3.  Photographing my Daughter (for a future 5 minute photoshoot post)
4.  Prepping Craft Supplies (for a Crafts Unleashed post)

...and I just might use...

1.  The chicken photos for future posts, publications
2.  The photo below as a "before" shot for a mirror DIY
3.  Perhaps a series on composting with kids??

...and some other things I am not quite ready to divulge quite yet :)  So you see -- work was done!  I promise!
For more on blogging and photography, you can visit the "for bloggers" page HERE.

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Jenny Piirto said…
Well, you've got me beat! I like your process, multi-tasking at it's finest. All the Redbuds (I call them "Amy's" in my head) are blooming in Idaho, and I've been admiring them while I'm driving around.
Amy Renea said…
Jenny -- that makes me smile so much :) The redbuds are such a lovely tree -- to be associated with them is a joy ;)

...and your profile picture with your cheerful smile and that sunny necklace makes me smile EVERY TIME.