Bring Color to Your Garden with Old Banana Peels and a SPIN!

Today we are talking compost, thanks to Supplies for this post were provided but all information and opinions are my own.

So you want to add a little burst of color to your living space to celebrate spring. 
 The best way to do that HANDS DOWN is...FLOWERS.

There is no color substitute for the living, breathing saturated petals of a flower and the way to get lots of petal color power is...

Banana peels.  Coffee Grounds.  Eggshells and Poop.  

Chicken poop that is -- NOT human or feline or canine.

What are we talking about?  Compost.  Compost is the natural process of turning waste into fertilizer for your garden and it is fairly easy, though sometimes messy and when badly done; smelly.  I have had a compost pile since I started gardening, but have always wanted to speed up the process and also have access to compost in a more convenient spot.  When Wayfair tasked me with adding some color to my living space this spring, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do.

Do you see the new toy in my garden?  Over there on the right.  
That is the YIMBY Tumbler Composter and she is ALL MINE.

I considered a couple of other options including The Compost Wizard, the half off ($50) Redmon Compost Bin, and this Suncast Barrel Tumbler.  

The Suncast was actually the closest runner up, but I chose the YIMBY because:

A. The price was right -- at $100 it was the least expensive tumbling version.  The Redmon bin was cheaper by half, but it doesn't turn.  Turning is the part of composting that I always forget, so turning was a must.  You see, I typically have a big pile of compost that only gets turned when I dig out the finished compost on the bottom.  The more compost turns, the faster it goes from waste to wonder.

B. The composter is at arm level when standing.  Many composters required bending down.  While gardening requires a lot of bending and reaching, a composter that doesn't is an added bonus.

C. The YIMBY is split into two compartments, with the front door sliding completely off.  Game Winner - DING DING DING!  With the door sliding completely OFF, I can change the compartments from "add-to" to "wait" easily (more on this later).

***BONUS - YIMBY stands for "Yes in my backyard" which I really liked :)

The one big downside that reviewers on Wayfair mentioned is the amount of time it takes to put this sucker together.  They weren't kidding.  It is IKEA-esque.  Luckily I had help.

The composter comes in a bunch of pieces with two bags of hardware.  I am going to walk you through the setup as quickly and thoroughly, hopefully helping you avoid the pitfalls.  Case in point: Make sure you set the metal stand up first and put the METAL pole through the end pieces, THEN slide the plastic pieces on.  The instructions don't tell you this upfront and it means taking several steps back to get things in order.  The instructions included are actually quite uninformative, and there is a link online for full instructions, but just hang tight.  I will show you the basics, ok?  It is easier than it seems at first.

Once the base is screwed together, you start adding the plastic panels that go all the way around the perimeter of the composter.  Start with any piece that is NOT the front "door".  In the photo below, the first piece has been screwed on the bottom.  The composter will roll "bottom up" when you let go of it, so hold tight to it while assembling!

The MOST IMPORTANT step now is to make sure the center turning divider (circle) fits in the groove on the plastic side panels.  See the groove down there?  That round piece pops right in.  Make sure you double check it is aligned as you assemble each side panel or you will end up with a wonky middle piece and have to take the panels apart to fix it.  There are a LOT of screws, so you do NOT want to have to do this.  Trust me.

 This is one of the bags of screws:

Don't say I didn't warn you...

The plus is that entire bag of screws has identical hardware, so no sorting and getting the wrong bolt, etc.

In any case, one hour of listening to 'Stuff I Missed in History' Podcasts later and....


OK, see that door?  Remember when I said that was one of the deal winners for me to chose this particular composter?  The + sign means "add more stuff to me" while the clock sign means "wait".  That pesky middle piece that we had to align in the groove while assembling keeps the sections separate and allows you to have a "cooking" batch of compost and a new batch.  Otherwise, you would fill your composter and then have to wait-wait-wait weeks until it is done.  This setup allows you to double up that time with smaller batches.

My plan for the YIMBY is to add my super "hot" ingredients like kitchen waste, chicken waste and a little bit of brown garden clippings to balance it all out.  The bigger compost pile will still remain and large brush and leaves can take their time decomposing.

Not very attractive is it?  You can see why the compost pile is out of the way and behind some bushes.
The YIMBY is a few steps from the back door/kitchen entrance.  Much better.

If you have any qualms at all about the difficulty of composting, let me show you via Kindergartner demonstration:


Want to learn more about composting?

NOW.  Onto the fun part.  Would YOU like a brand new composter?  

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