A Day in the Nest

 Let's not mince words shall we.  Let the day begin.

5:30 AM -- The baby cries.
5:31 AM -- The voice activated baby projector and music comes on.
5:32-5:37 AM -- I pretend as if the projector has worked like a snooze button.
5:38 AM -- Give up on the snooze.  Get baby.  Feed.  Cuddle. (yes, only one word sentences at this time of day...)

6:00 AM -- Start the coffee -- please, PLEASE let the coffee brew before the boys wake up...
6:10 AM -- Success.  They are still asleep.  I drink.  Throw open the curtains in every room I walk in...
6:14 AM -- The zombies start the morning treck out of their rooms and thus begins the...
  • breakfast
  • get dressed
  • brush your teeth
  • brush your hair
  • socks (I don't know where they are?  Yes, you do, they are in the sock box.  OH.)
  • put your shoes, coat, backpack by the door
  • brush your teeth again
  • brush your hair again

Finally hustle two boys out to the driveway -- we found crocus!!  Start the search for more plants poking up from the ground and we found daffodils, tulips and sedum.

I teach them about soft spring soil and how they shouldn't flatten it with their feet.  We sing our new song:

Cerrado (Arms closed) - Abierto (arms open)
Cerrado (Arms closed) - Abierto (arms open)
Cerrado (Arms closed) - Abierto (arms open)
Cerrado (Arms closed) - Abierto (arms open) Dubaho (make a swoopy "under" motion with hands)

The bus comes -- wave goodbye at the bus even though they don't wave goodbye because ONE DAY they will look and that will be the ONE DAY I do not wave.

Part 2

Inside to boy #3 still eating Cheerios (off the floor?  what?  why?) and baby girl ready to eat again.  Today is not a school day for the little guy, so today is a peace day.  Which means I can look at the clock right about....oh not right now...who are we kidding.   Second cup of coffee, more food for the boy, more food for the girl.  OOO, there are stale marshmallows!  Set them out in a little bowl with raisins, grab the vanilla, oats, cinnamon sugar, we can make flax bars later.  Read a book, start the laundry, rush rush rush and finally...

9:45 AM  -- The baby is asleep.  The trains are out.  I play Ticket to Ride.  Four times.  Light the morning candles.

(Here is the thing....I always underestimate putting the baby to sleep.  Sometimes it is easy, but other times it takes an hour and afterwards I feel tired and think "BUT I DIDN'T DOOOOO anything because there is nothing to show for putting a baby to sleep and THAT is why I write a blog" and then I remember that putting a baby to sleep is a special mommy skill and I am happy I am able to do it and IT IS OK to feel tired after an hour of baby rocking, cooing, cuddling, nuk rescuing and praying.)

Today is a special day.  Typically, during these morning calm hours once the baby is asleep, I will craft outside with boy #3 or write while he "trains".  This month though, I am on a blog "break", meaning I can write and craft, but am doing very little social media, no new brand outreach, etc and no publishing.   In translation, that means my attention switches to BUYING A NEW COUCH.  Yes, you read that right.  Give me a break from blog work and I start shopping.  Alex is ready for me to start blogging again...

So TODAY, today I am going to buy a couch, but not just any couch.  We've been couch shopping for a few weeks now, ever since we found that $250 leather steal of a couch at Sams and brought it home.  Why would #1 new couch make me start shopping for MORE couches?  Well, you know how it goes...one thing changes and room and then you need to start changing everything and..............before you know it you are shopping for couches.  (SIDE NOTE:  We have owned our couches for 10 YEARS -- our first set when we were married and they have been used WELL.  SECOND SIDE NOTE:  We are paying for the new couches in cash, so back off spendy police.)

Back to the couch...

After several weeks of shopping, I just couldn't bite the bullet and spend the money for new couches.  The money we were willing to spend would buy decent couches, but it felt like throwing a LOT of money at something I didn't really love.  So we checked at a local consignment store and I found THE COUCH.  Super soft and comfy leather, but even as a used couch, it was priced at $2,200.  The consignment store is one that marks the prices down at a set schedule though, so I knew if I could hang on for 3.5 more days without someone else buying it, I could get the couch for 40% off which WOULD be in the acceptable price range.  I forgot about it (kind of) until now.

10:55 -- Call store just in case they open 5 minutes early.  I want to BUYTHISCOUCH.  Answering machine.
10:58 -- Call again -- answering machine.
10:59 -- Try not to call -- imagine hoards of people waiting for MY couch - call again -- answering machine.

SIDE NOTE -- You can "watch" items online at this store and they email you to let you know when the price has dropped.  Most things have 1,2, maybe 3 things being watched, but THIS couch?  It had 23.

11:01 -- DING.  I get an email that the couch price has officially "dropped".  OHGOODGRIEF.  CALL.
11:03 -- Call again - answering machine.
11:10 -- Call AGAIN.  He answers.

Do you know which one?
Give him the item number...
Oh!  That one actually just got marked down today! (He acts surprised!)
Yes.  (I know!  Are you crazy?!  23 people were watching MY COUCH -- of course it just got marked down today!)

He takes my info, and I refresh the page and the SOLD sign goes on MY COUCH.  I might have danced a bit.  Then.....

Part 3

Throw a chicken in the crockpot, have another cup of coffee.  Blow out the candles. Watch Inkmaster (who knew I liked tattoos so much?) while I fold laundry.  blah blah blah blah  Check email.  Talk about trains, read books, start kiddo on a craft and write up a little of this "day in the life" post. (You didn't think I actually wrote this post in real time, did you?  WAY too hard darlings.  This post is actually written over a 3 day period, using two days of events, half and half, because in the midst of doing all the THINGS, there is no way I could actually write about all the THINGS in one day.  OH and yes, this day in the life is from morning until Alex gets home at 5.  Another time we will discuss the nighttime day in the life.  For now, the day is enough, yes?)

I take little boy outside to wait for the mid-afternoon Kindy bus and he RUNS around the tree 1-2-3- (count in SpanISH!) and I grab the sap from the maple out front.  Set it on the stove to boil, bus comes, get lunch for the two boys, head out to the chicken coop.

Shovel chicken shit into a bucket, dump it on the fruit trees and walk up to the porch with poop on my hands where my neighbor awaits.  He is returning dishes (let me wash my hands! oh good grief the sap is starting to boil...) and is as sweet as a clam (are clams sweet?  are they happy even?  why do we say that?)

Goodbye neighbor!  Boys, throw your leftover spaghetti to the chickens.  Change the laundry.  Play Ticket to Ride.  Four Times.  Have 2 cups of tea.  ...and some pecans and stale marshmallows.  (I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch somewhere in there too, but I don't quite remember when.  Perhaps this is why my dieting tactics don't work.  I don't really realize when I eat.)  Read the Day in the Life post on Design Sponge...hmmmmmmm

I hear the baby waking...

She's cute isn't she?

...and literally a second later that smile turns to...

Feed the baby...notice that her onesie is dirty.  Prop her up on the blanket to get a diaper.  Change diaper -- smear diaper creme on baby (poor baby), wash hands...she looks really cute there!

5 minute photoshoot.

SCREEEEECH goes the brakes of the bus.  Is it the end of the day already?  Is that chicken going to be ready for dinner?

WRITE THIS DAY IN THE LIFE WHILE THE BABY TALKS LOUDLY (I WISH I HAD BIGGER CAPS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW LOUD IT IS RIGHT NOW).  My only work done today -- half of this post, that is it.  Ah well.  At least it was a peace day.  What time is it?

Start jambalya mix on the stove, don't let the maple sap/syrup boil over, supervise the boys on the back porch from the kitchen, baby bounces in the jump up.  Check the chicken, check out the Decemberists on itunes because the 'Day in the Life' story on Design Sponge was about Carson Ellis and SHE is married to a dude in the Decemberists and...

Car Door Slam
Key in the Door
Bag on the Floor
The day begins anew.

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