3 >>>HOT<<< Terrariums and Dish Gardens

Yes, it is still 1970 and terrariums are still all the rage. Particularly since this winter has been so very long, I have been happy to surround myself with dish gardens, potted plants and terrariums to grow just about anything I can get my hands on.  You might remember my dish garden with purslane from a few years ago, but today I am going to show you three new plantings I have growing in our home as winter dies a slow death and spring knocks old man flat on his back with her greens.

1.  The Auction Steal You Wish You Had Found

Hold your jealous pockets, this one is a doozy, and it comes complete with a little auction story.  If you have never heard one of my auctions stories, you might be surprised with the passion of which I speak of them.  Go ahead, read THIS AUCTION POST and THIS POST on how to score a deal at an auction.  I will wait for you.  Go ahead.  Back?  Great...

So recently, my husband and I had date night at Harr's.  The drive-in was closed, but the auction was OPEN and I was a happy little clam.  Among other things, I scored a terrarium for 25 cents.  Yes, a quarter.  Nobody wanted this sad looking box of plastic, but I jumped at the price and thought "how bad can a terrarium be???"   It turns out, this terrarium is actually pretty cool.  It is an authentic 1960's and costs a cool $100 or 2 if you buy one online that someone else has scored at an auction.

2.  The Classic Cloche Terrarium that Never Goes Out of Style

Isn't this little terrarium just gorgeous?  

I currently have begonia planted in it, but this beautiful terrarium from Longfield Gardens can switch from forced bulbs and branches in spring to hot house peppers in the summer to fall crocus and winter amaryllis.  It literally goes with anything and can blend in with modern, classic or cottage styling.  The planting is simple.  Start with the included peat pot and pellet.

Add LOTS of water until the pellet soaks it all up and looks like...


Loosen the mix with your fingers and plant your bulb ROOTS DOWN.

You might also want to soak your bulb for a bit to get it started, but since this pot will be under glass, 
I just plopped it in the moistened soil as is because I know it will be getting plenty of moisture.


Some supplies were given to A Nest for All Seasons to sample for the purposes of this post.

3. The $20 Garden That Never Dies  

This garden costs $20 to start, but could provide you with free dish gardens for years and years to come.  Read more about this crazy Jade plant from IKEA on my previous post HERE.

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