You would think all rhubarb is red, right? Yes, so did I. So did Alex when I was cutting up my green rhubarb stems for pie --

"Ummmm honey? Shouldn't those be red?"

 "No darling, Deborah Madison - queen of Vegetable Literacy - says that it is simply called "garden rhubarb".  It has something to do with the way red rhubarb is grown in hothouses and well, you know how they grow white asparagus?  It is something like that."

"Oh, ok.  I trust you implicitly."

"Good.  You should."

Of course, I DID know that green rhubarb (STEMS ONLY!) was/is perfectly normal, but the rest of that garbage I spewed?  Well, I had no idea what I was talking about.

The truth is that there are various varieties of rhubarb.  Some grow BRIGHT red stalks, some are speckled green and red, while others are plain old green.  Ours are green!  ....and they taste DELICIOUS.  Tart enough to cut the sweetness of strawberries and sugar and cake mix OH MY!  Recipe HERE!

Want more info and photos of rhubarb in action?  See my post HERE on Raising Rhubarb.

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