Why I am a Garden Geek -- PA Garden Expo 2014

This past week, I attended the Pennsylvania Garden Expo and was absolutely blown away at the CROWDS!  It was insanely crowded.  I think everyone had a touch of cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house at any cost.  Add in tulips?  It was ON.  Needless to say, the flowers excited me, but the crowds did not, so it was a short trip.  I did find a few treasures while I was there though.

I am always a sucker for tiny little plants grown in tiny little "containers".

I spent most of my time in the competition aisles, escaping the crowds ogling daffodils and free stuff.

I love examining the differences between 10 different cuttings of the exact same plant from different gardens.

Call me geeky.  It is fun :_)

Another favorite were the hellebores.  God bless me, but I have never grown a hellebore.  
It has been on my list for years, and yet?  It remains ellusive to me.

Back to the competitions though...

Hellebores again!

...annnnnnnnd that was it.  I made it through the competition aisles, felt fully satisfied and raced back out into the frigid wind, back into the car and home. 
 I think I will stick to forcing branches and enjoying early potted bulbs next Spring.  Those crowds are just too much!

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