The 5-minute photoshoot at 6 Weeks

Meet baby girl at 6 weeks.   (She is now 6 months, but I am a wee bit behind on to take a guess why?)

Poor thing had rashes on her cheeks (they are gone now!), but look at those cute little round eyes?  Is she not the BEST?

So previously, I shared with you my 5 minute shoot for infants and my 5 minute shoot for a bunch of active boys.  
Today we are going to look at a 5 minute shoot with a slightly older baby.  These techniques will work for babies around 6 weeks-3 months.

Where do we start?  With the setup.  Here are the basics:

1.  White Background

2.  Big Windows with Natural Light.

3.  Faces face the Light.

4.  Boppy Covered with White Blanket

5.  Hungry at First -- THEN Fed and Sleepy

 Why hungry?  You want baby alert and babies with full tummies at 6 weeks just want to close those little eyes, nestle with their mommies and sleep.  
A hungry baby will be alert for a few minutes, so I start this photoshoot right before baby needs to eat.

Baby sitting with head leaning on blanket-covered boppy
You WILL get a little of this with a hungry baby:

...but hang in there for baby's face to relax...

...and then smile just a little 6 week old mini-smile...

In the meantime, I get detail shots:

 If you want to bring in a sibling, now is the time.  Siblings with sleepy babies are a little bit more difficult.  
Want good interaction between baby and their sibling?  Do NOT do this:

Instead, put them on the same visual plane and allow them to interact naturally. 
 Let's take a closer look at those photos at the beginning of the post, shall we?

Older child is on boppy, looking down towards baby, so baby turns their face toward the light and the camera above.

Come in for a closer shot or the same:

Do you want to give her a kiss on the cheek?  or  Can you tickle her belly? 

No, I wanna kiss her hand! :)

Once you have completed your five minutes hungry, it is time to feed baby.

Then this happens.

When laying baby down to sleep, tilt her head gently towards the light.

Move YOURSELF, not baby, to get different angles.

To get baby to move, there are a few things you can do.  Note:  If baby is very, very asleep, these tricks will not bother her.  
However,  if she is barely asleep, you run the risk of a sleepy, AWAKE, and very cranky baby. 

 Proceed with caution!

Here are my tricks:

1. Gently touch baby on the nose.  This will cause her to change her facial expression and sometimes will make her change arm position as well.

2. Gently touch baby on the cheek on the side you WANT baby to turn towards.  Even when asleep, babies will root towards the direction they feel a touch.  They will gently turn their head towards your hand when you put a finger on their cheek.

3.  Gently take baby's legs and bend them in towards her stomach.  This will make her change arm position and facial expression and might get her to roll into a different position.

NOTE:  All of this is a HUGE pain to baby while sleeping.  This is why you should proceed with caution if you do not want to wake baby up!  
This is also why your photoshoot should last NO LONGER than 5 minutes.  Get a few good shots, then GO TO SLEEP WITH BABY!

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