How to Plant a Dish Garden with Jade the Wonder Plant

Yes, it IS a wonder plant and it will never die.  
This plant can even be crushed underfoot and STILL might come back from the grave.  
If you put it in a black room with no light, I wouldn't be surprised if it were ok for a few weeks.  TOUGH AS NAILS.

 Thus, this plant is sometimes hated by gardeners.  It is too easy too grow, too omnipresent, it offers no challenge to the gardener.  
I am ok with that.  I like the succulent leaves and it's easy to grow habit.  I think you might too and I hope at least a few IKEA shoppers felt the same!

I set up shop in a (gorgeous) kitchen at IKEA last weekend to show off the Jade plant
 in a simple little dish garden surrounded by some other indoor tropicals.  

Would you like to learn as well?  Let's dive right on in!

Susan of Organized 31 presented a session on (what else??) organizing, while Amy Latta of One Artsy Mama and Jeanie of Create and Babble shared craft projects.  They will all be linked up on Looksi soon along with a bunch of other fun IKEA projects -- I will keep you posted so you can check out all the fun ideas!

Here is a little video of our demos to whet your appetite :)

DISCLOSURE -- I am a VERY amateur videographer, so...well...

Come back next week for more on terrariums including THIS...

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Amy, you may turn me into a successful gardener yet! And love your video work (I need a hair stylist next time).
Amy Renea said…
I thought your hair was perfectly fine, you pretty girl, you! ...and I do hope you keep planting -- it is fun!! ;)