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11 February 2014

Spot the Imposter | Whites

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Take a bunch of dollar store "silk" flowers and attempt to integrate them into beautiful arrangements.

That was the challenge. Did I succeed? Well, let's see if YOU can spot the imposter.

This is quite possibly my favorite of the imposters bunch.

2 plants are real.  2 are fake.  Can you spot the imposter?

The white peonies are real.
The greens are real.

Those orchids and tiny little yellow flowers?  Not so much.

Now you clearly can tell, yes??

TIPTIPS for picking our fake flowers at the Dollar Store:

1.  Pick flowers that have fake-looking counterparts.  REAL orchids are so beautiful that they look fake, so it is easier to pull off fake orchids than a more rustic plant like sunflowers or daisies.

2.  Pick expensive plants (orchids again!) because real daisies, sunflowers, even roses are easy to grow and super cheap from your garden.  No need to get them fake!.

3.  Mix fake flowers GENEROUSLY with real foliage.  Strip off EVERY little bit of foliage from your fake flower because they very, very rarely look real.  Supplement with whatever green you find in your garden.

4.  Pick a flower that does not have a lot of "internal" detail.  The plastic stamens can often be a dea giveaway that the flower is fake.

5.  Mix your fake flowers with similar looking flowers that ARE real.  If you have a pretty little white flower growing in your garden, mixing it with fake white tulips might be the perfect setup!

Do YOU mix and match real and fake flowers?  What are YOUR best tips?

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