Notes on Planting Spinach Seedlings

I am DYING under all of this snow y'all!!  I keep planting pot after pot of seeds indoors, but it still isn't enough.  I need to see real soil again!!  OUTSIDE!  Since right now God isn't listening and the soil is still covered by an impenetrable layer of snow-ice-snow-ice, I will look back at last year's Spring and plan away for this year.

One of the absolute must haves on my list?  SPINACH.

Don't mind those holes.  We grow enough spinach in spring for the bugs, the groundhog, the rabbits and the people.  Now.  You must know I don't like spinach very much as a salad ingredient, though plenty of folks do.  I find it to be too chewy and I like my salads crunchy.  In fact, I much prefer a cabbage salad to a lettuce salad, but that is besides the point.  I DO like spinach when cooked into recipes and when blended into green smoothies.  It is a super food, so while I don't love it fresh, I love to get it into our tummies somehow.  Get my green smoothie "margaritas" right HERE!

A few notes about planting spinach:

A.  Sprinkle seed generously.  It can grow fairly close together and will make a nice mass of green that you can easily cut.  Growing spinach crowded like this means none of the clumps will get very big, but who likes big, old spinach anyway?  The little baby leaves are the best!  Harvest them early before they get tough!

B.  The nice brands of spinach DO taste different.  You can buy super cheap spinach or spend a few more bucks and try different varieties.  I always like the Martha Stewart seed varieties, but I suggest finding a couple mid-range varieties adn trying them out.  It is still only a couple dollars for a LOT of seed!

C.  Plant a little at a time.  You do NOT have to plant the whole seed packet at once!  Plant 15-20 seeds in a fairly large plot, then sow another 10-15 in a few weeks.  You will get two nice crops of spinach this way.  You can also do this indoors in pots RIGHT NOW.  Plant a few seeds of spinach each week and your one little pot will keep you in fresh greens until the soil is ready for planting in early spring.

D.  Spinach isn't the only green you should be planting in indoor pots!  Try beets (for the greens!) and swiss chard (pick the leaves when very little!) to spice up your hot pasta dishes and freezing smoothies!

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