Honeycomb Stained Porch and Picnic Table

I have a big old concrete porch.    It is great for the kids to chalk color on.  Otherwise, it is a big blank canvas of NOTHING.  It was bothering me.  Also bothering me?  The awful, unfinished "finish" on the basic picnic table we bought at Lowe's last spring.  It was looking SAD by the end of the season last fall, so right before the winter winds came swirling in, I spruced them both up a bit with one go.  Ready to see?

Yup.  That is the newly finished table and "rug".  Fun eh??

Now what is really funny is that a few days ago, that area looked like this:

As the snow started to melt, I could see bits and pieces of the "rug" coming through and it got me all excited to share with you :)

Here was the BEFORE before:


It is very simple really.  I used some leftover porch stain (redwood, I believe) from THIS LITTLE PORCH MAKEOVER 
and the stencil I had leftover from OUR BABY GIRL NURSERY and came up with a no-cost makeover that makes me smile everytime I see it.

The table was just unfinished pine, so the stain went directly onto the wood and took two quick coats to finish.  

The floor "rug" took a little more work.  Basically, I set my right line of the rug with a piece of duct tape (see the yellow in that very first photo?).  I then set up my stencil and went row by row painting over the concrete with the wood stain.  Yes, it is wood stain and not meant for concrete floors.  Yes, the concrete already has a layer of paint on it.  No, I don't care if it fades a bit.

You see, I intended this rug to look a bit like those old Turkish rugs that have started to fade and wither away in portions.  I could have done a paint finish with clear lines and striking colors, but that wasn't what I was going for.  I used my brush with just a tiny bit of stain so that the finish would be a bit faded to begin with, but will naturally weather more over time.  Call me crazy, but I LOVE it.  ...and I LOVE no $$$ makeovers.  

How DIVINE is that DESIGN???

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