Free Printable Valentines for Rulers, Balls and Ninjas!

Last year on Target clearance, I loaded up on Valentine's rulers and bouncy balls (at least 75% off?).  This year, I went to find a free printable to make tags and while there were plenty for balls, I didn't find any that I really loved that wouldn't take up a TON of ink from my printer.  I just wanted a simple little text tag with a white background.  I couldn't find a one!  So I made one....and I am sharing it with you.  These super simple tags get printed out directly onto white cardstock.  I punched a hole in the tag, attached it to my bag with a ruler and some Hershey kisses and DONE.

The ninjas are even easier and super fun.

 Simply print out the little cards, cut them out and attach a parachute ninja with double-sided tape.
 I use THIS APPLICATOR which makes the job super duper fast.

Why do the ninja cards say "You Float My Boat"?  BECAUSE THEY HAVE PARACHUTES.  My kids love them.  I purchase a big old bag of them and then use them for "star prizes" for the kids throughout the year.  THIS BAG cost a little under $7 and has almost 50 little ninjas in it.

Ready for the printables to make your own?  

Simply print on white cardstock on a basic printer, cut and add your toy.  
The 4x6 Ninja is meant for a notecard sized cardstock while the 8.5 x 11 sized printables are normal letter paper.

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