The Sins of Blogging | LUST continued...

So I began talking about the Lusts of Blogging HERE. (GREED is right HERE)

I promised to write more about materials and time.

Here goes.


I buy some materials.  The ones I spend my own money on are essential oils and this letter stamp kit from Amazon.  Most everything else comes from thrift stores, auctions, sometimes free on the side of the road and brands.  Let me say this up front.  I could have been a bigger blogger sooner if I had spent more money.  That is a decision you must make for yourself.  It took awhile for brands to notice me and my free stuff crafts.  Now I get to work with brand new-to-the-market craft supplies and YES!  It is FUN!  I could have done it earlier if I had turned my money from the blog around and spent it all back on supplies, but I did not go that route.  I spent a few ears building my business without spending money on materials.

Which brings us to...


Yes, time is something I lust after.  You see, there are bloggers that do not have kids yet.  They have more time to devote to crafting.  There are bloggers that are empty nesters.  Their homes can look PERFECT.  I am a stay at home mom with a few kiddos in school.  That means I have more time to work on home "stuff" than a lot of other bloggers.  I can let something sit on the stove for a few hours, let bread rise or grow a garden while watching the kids simultaneously.  I know this is not the case for everyone.  There are a variety of situations and life circumstances that bloggers live within.  Most of them are not ideal, though most of them ARE enviable, but no matter where we fall on the spectrum, it is difficult not to lust after the blogger that has MORE time or BETTER time than we do.

(Remember we are using lust to mean "an intense desire or craving for" and not in THAT way)

So here is the problem.  I go from blog to blog to blog, hop hop hop and SHE did this and this and this and OH HOW I WISH I COULD DO THAT!  (lust caps!)  When it stops there, it is not good, but it is not harmful.  The problem is when that thought drives me to write a post, do a craft or do anything I KNOW is not good for me or my family.

Let me explain:  You see, I know that having a career as a blogger means something else gets the short stick.  I know that sometimes my typing away on the computer means there is one less book read to my children.  I have come to terms with that.  I CANNOT be the (excellent) mom that sits reading books to her children all day.  I have tried.  I go stir crazy in my mind.  I feel my mind tipping over into crazy land.  So I blog.  I blog because it is an escape from the monotony of answering children's questions, wiping children's bums and cooking, cleaning, wiping up from children's meals.  When I stop blogging, I want to go back.  That is how I know that this escape works.

The good way to blog:

There is a good way to blog and a bad way (for me).  The good way is when I am "inspired" (said with a floaty, dreamy voice) by a trip to the thrift store, a walk in the garden, a long bath or shower when I just think think think think.  I get words trampling through my brain like a thousand tiny soldiers and I must get them OUT!  So I do.  Hammer it out on the computer, craft, craft, craft and phew.  My brain can relax.  It is what happens when my thoughts go down a bunny trail and I cannot get off until I do what they say (Hello Alice in Wonderland).  It is the night that I am sitting in bed watching TV with my husband, but I feel like that piece of pink leather in the living room is literally calling out to me saying "Please, pllllllllease cut me into a MEEEllion pieces and make beautiful things out of me!  Dooooooo it nooooooow!".  (No, those voices are not audible).    You see what I mean though?  The inspiration "calls" and working with my hands, getting my thoughts out on (virtual sometimes) paper -- that is rewarding and fulfilling for me.  That is worth missing a story.

The bad way to blog:

It is NOT worth missing a story to blog based on lust.  When I am hop, hop, hopping from blog to blog to blog and I see THAT girl has told her blogging story from start to finish and WOW that is a good idea and WOW look at all the comments and HOLY WOW look at the pins!  I should do that!  So HERE is the turning point.  Sometimes (and only sometimes) inspiration DOES strike from reading another blog post, but there is a litmus test for knowing whether it is really inspiration or just lust over those numbers, comments, coolness, what have you.  For me, it is 3 days.  Wait three days.  Your number may be different.  For me it is three.  Forget about doing ANYTHING to do with that concept, that craft, for three days.  Don't bookmark it, don't do anything, just let it be.  Half the time after three days I have forgotten about it.  HALF the time though, I can't stop thinking about it.  My brain goes into overdrive thinking about strategies, ideas, thoughts, and I cannot let it go.  That is when I know this is something I should go with.  You know why?  Because THIS idea, THIS craft, THIS experiment will fulfill me in more ways than numbers and dollars.  Something about this concept appeals to me in a creative way.  Something about what that blogger has said makes me want to act.  to do.  Doing will make me happy, calm, excited, glad, fulfilled, whatever.  After three days of my mind fixating on a concept, it has moved on from being just a lustfest over that blogger's success.  Do you see the difference?

So the question is:

How do you define lust in blogging?


How do you fight it?  Do you recognize it in others?  yourself?  Where do you put your time and money?  Do you lust after ideas?  things?  time?

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