The Poor Man's Ricepack

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you might have seen a weird picture of a sock pop up.  This one:

(This post is part of my partnership with Project Envolve and PPL Electric Utilities)

Curious?  That is what I call my "poor man's ricepack".  I used to make cute ricepacks, but then I would "burn them out".  You see, I like ricepacks HOT and in trying to make them hotter and hotter, the rice would eventually burn and the whole house smells like burnt rice.  So I gave up on making cute ones and now my ricepack is simple.  Grab a clean white tube sock, fil with rice, knot the top.  DONE.  They are so easy my husband even knows how to make them for me now.  He only puts up with the ricepack-making and burnt rice smell sometimes in the hosue because he can keep the heat down an extra 2 degrees in the winter.  Worth it?  You will have to ask him, but all I can say is that he is a saint.  Case in point?  It was HIS birthday week and he is sending me these:

Now if you are normal and DO NOT burn the rice in your rice pack, here is a cute one you can make:

Isn't that darling?  Love the heart for Valentine's Day!

Another way to save money on your heating bill by firing up the sewing machine?  Here you go!

 Along with keeping my toes toasty WITHOUT turning up the thermostat,
PPL sent along some supplies to help lower heating bills during this crazy snowy weather we have been having!

 Here are some money saving tips for YOU this winter!


Lindsay said…
I love the heart shaped warmers for Valentine's Day too. They look so easy to make!
Natalie said…
Now that is one heck of a HUBBY!! How sweet of him! With this winter, I'll take a hand warmer, a foot warmer, a head warmer, arm warmers...
Wendy said…
I may hit up the after Valentine's Day clearance sales to pick up some cute socks for crafting! Thanks for the idea!