Spot the Imposter | Oranges and Purples

Some are fake.  Some are real.  Can you play the game?

Say which is which and take your pick.
Then I'll tell you from whence they came.

Smokebush Flowers -- tiny, but real.

Purple Smokebush leaves?  Also real.
Smoky Grey Lambsear?  Also real.
Orange blooms?

Not so much.  

The Dollar Tree strikes again.

Though if you look in photo #1 you WILL see a true orange rose. 
 Did you know she was real while her bedfellows were fake?

Sick of the snow??  Me too.  
You might want to peruse the archives of my GARDENING PAGE to escape 
the icy nightmare outside or even say Hi to some of the gardeners over in the FORUM.

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