QUICK AND EASY Gifts ::: Rescuing Soap

It is SOAP WEEK here at the Nest!  
Join me today and the rest of the week for fun (and EASY!) soap recipes and techniques!

If you have tried any type of soap recipe with ingredients from the garden, you know that sometimes the herbs will "turn" or go brown.  While this is a turnoff for many, I see it as an opportunity.  You can gift the soaps "fresh" and instruct folks to use them immediately OR you can "rescue" a soap that has turned.

When my original soaps turn brown a bit from herbs natural color changes (they start out looking like THIS), to rescue them I simply melt them down and remold them.  Just take your soaps (you can put multiple ones in a single batch), heat them back into a liquid in your microwave or double boiler and pour them into greased soap molds, brownie ans, a loaf pan, whatever.  When they pop out, they still smell of the lovely lavender, but have a nice, natural brown hue to the entire soap.

Would you have guessed these soaps were just rescued?

To learn more, keep coming back this week for more soap recipes!

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