QUICK AND EASY Gifts for Kids ::: Soap Sticks

Warning: These soap sticks have a LOT of color in them which is fun for the kiddos, but drove my husband NUTS in the bathtub!! They bleed when you leave them out. These soap sticks might be best saved for a summer soap that kids can use in the kiddy pool outdoors. :)  Supplies were provided by Consumer Crafts.  This post would not be possible without them.
Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea Title

After working with microwavable soap bases a few times, I knew I wanted to try a brightly colored soap for kids this time around.    With a twist on traditional soap shapes and some brilliant colors (thanks to heavy duty food coloring!), I came up with some whimsical soaps that the kids are asking for every night at bathtime!



Unwrap the soap and cut into smaller pieces with a knife.  I cut mine into "bars" and melted 1-2 bars at a time for each color.  It only takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to melt this amount of soap, so stay close to the microwave so things don't explode!

Soap Stick ready to melt

You can add your colorings before or after melting the soap.  In the photos, I am working on a second batch of yellow, so there is a little dyed soap left in the bottom.  It doesn't matter WHEN you add the coloring, but it DOES matter how much you add!  For brilliant colors, you need stronger colorings, so try these Wilton food gels for a solid hue.  You will use about a 1/4 teas. per 1-2 stick batch.  The more coloring you use, the deeper the color becomes.

Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea melted soap

While the soap is still liquid and warm, decant it into your molds.  You can use a traditional mold, but I like to use the flexible silicon ice and baking molds for fun new shapes.  These sticks are actually ice trays from IKEA.  I used a funnel to be more precise when decanting since these molds are fairly small.  For larger molds, you can simply pour the soap straight from your microwave-safe bowl.

Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea funneling soap
Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea IKEA ice maker

Allow the soap to cool in the molds 30 minutes or so until firm.  To get the fun horseshoe shapes, 
take the soaps out when they are firm, but still warm and pliable.  Simply bend them into shape!

Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea horseshoes Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea two toned

For two-toned (or three or four toned or rainbow!) sticks, decant a small amount of soap into each mold,
cool 30 minutes, then add a second layer of color.  
Continue until the mold is full or you have reached the desired amount of colors.

Soap Sticks Crafts Unleashed Amy Renea vertical

Once the soap sticks are complete, make sure to store them somewhere out of the sun.  They WILL melt!  The sticks WILL color your bathtub somewhat, but the color is easy to wash off (like a bath crayon).   For the best "crayon" effect, use more food coloring when dying the soaps.  Now get microwaving and get those kiddos some soap sticks!

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