Mini-tin Calendar --- Consumer Crafts Prize Pack Giveaway

While I was creating my Hug Tins for Crafts Unleashed, I had an idea of how to transform some simple wooden squares into a cute little calendar for my desktop.  The process is fairly straightforward and the result is my favorite calendar I have ever used.


Here are the little tins all "packaged" up.  You could tie them up with a little raffia like this is you are gifting them.  
I accented one with a brone rim (colored with bronze Sharpie) and the other with a little card stock in "fauxbois".

Most of the time though, those lids will be gone and you will have a month on one side and day on the other.

You are going to start off with wood squares and rectangles.  Simply stamp your numbers and letters on each.  

Once you have them stamped, add a little line of copper, gold or silver with these fun SHARPIE METALLICS.
Put all the month tags in one tin and your day numbers in the other.  You will keep them stored in these tins.

 Saw a little groove in each of your chunky wood coins, place the wood directly on top of your stored pieces, wedging it into the tin.  
You will want a piece of wood that is just slightly smaller than the rim. not too big and not too small! 
 Place your tag in the groove and voila!  You are done!

...and all together again...

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Lauren Lanker said…
Okay 1) I definitely need fauxbois cardstock. That stuff is amaze-balls. 2) This is MY favorite desk calendar of all time. 3) It's just so gosh-darned unique! I've never seen anything like it. Way to go Amy Renae!
Tara @ Suburble said…
I want that washi! What a great collection of awesome and fun things!

p.s. Love your calendar, Amy Renea! Anything with wood is my new fave!
Britni Vigil said…
What a creative idea, I love the look of these mini calendars!
Amy Latta said…
Oooh! Love your calendar, and I want that prize!!!
simplybren said…
That calendar is ingenious! love it! What a great giveaway! Thank you for a chance to win. I am looking forward to checking out everyones blogs!
this is a very unique calendar idea! i love perpetual calendars
Kim B said…
Love it all! That washi especially!
Thanks for sharing such a great project!
Chrissy Boerman said…
what an amazing giveaway. thanks for letting us enter!
Shannon said…
This giveaway pack looks awesome!
WoW ! were you guys in my dreams ? cos this prize is totally devine. thanks for the chance to win, this would totally put my mojo in a spin. thanks again , sending love from New Zealand
I love the touch of wood in your calendar, Amy!! And the little metallic line on top is such a great add-on!
Melissa said…
What an awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much foe the chance to win!!
Mary Mac said…
Love the tins with this great giveaway
Georgie Horn said…
very interested in this blog and giveaway, thank you!
grammypat said…
What neat ideas to use something so ordinary and turn out something so cute. Thanks for offering the giveaway