Hunt the Target Christmas Clearance to make DIY Geometric Magnets

I've always been intrigued by geometric shapes and I've been seeing trendy new geometric magnets in brilliant colors popping up from independent sellers to large retailers and everywhere in between.  I hate paying for a product when we can craft them easily ourselves, so I knew we had to create our own when I stumbled upon coasters in these fabulous bright greens and blue!  They were hanging out in the Target Christmas section (of all places!) so they were mine for a song.

MAGNETS amy renea for Crafts Unleashed rhombus

**Some supplies for this project were provided by Consumer Crafts for a post previously published on Crafts Unleashed.  
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MAGNETS amy renea for Crafts Unleashed large

My favorite shape is the rhombus, probably because it can make cool chevrons and arrows and such, but my boys are much more into the other shapes we created.  Join me today as I take you through the simple steps!  This is definitely a craft kiddos can do right along with you!


The process is simple, but takes a little patience and a steady hand to get straight lines!  Start by cutting two edges off the business card magnets at an angle so a simple rhombus is formed.  Then place the magnet on top of your cardstock (or coaster!) and cut a piece out that is slightly larger than the magnet.

geometric magnets leaving a border

Peel the paper backing off the magnet and attach your colored shape.

geometric magnets peeling the papergeometric magnets rhomus cut
geometric magnets rhombus

To create the smaller squares, I lined up the octagons, traced the middle square and cut it out.

geometric magnets tile arrangement

After attaching magnets to the backs of these and other various shapes, I let the kids get creative! 
We even ended up with a clown face -- see it?

MAGNETS amy renea for Crafts Unleashed face

 What will you be creating today?

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Julia Konya said…
I love this project and it's easy! Great idea!