Green Tea and Allspice Soap (in the microwave!)

You know the kind of soap that scratches your skin when you use it?
You know...the kind you use when you REALLY want to feel clean and scrub off the dirt of the day?
That kind of soap serves as a cleanser AND an exfoliator and when making your own, 
you can use anything from oatmeal to salt or sugar to a host of spices including the wonderful smelling...


A small handful of allspice,  a little Green Tea fragrance oil, a flat of glycerin melt and pour soap base from Stephenson's 
and a wee bit of Ivory Soap are the basic ingredients for this soap.

You don't have to use those exact ingredients, but to make an exfoliating soap you WILL need:

A. A meltable soap base
B. An exfoliating add-in like allspice
C. Fragrance oil

Put your spices in a plastic bag and SMOOSH them.

Once they are good and smashed (but NOT powdered yet), you are ready to add them to the soap base.  Simply melt the chunks of glycerin
 (or whichever type of soap base you desire) in the microwave, add the chunks of allspice and a few drops of fragrance oil.

Want a little more help with these steps?  Learn about the basic process of easy soap making HERE.

Mix and pour into a greased loaf pan and allow it to cool. For an extra layer of texture, I added more crushed allspice 
and grated ivory soap on the top of the soap while it was still slightly warm and loose.

It created this cool textural effect on the top edge of the soap -- see above?

Once the soap is completely cooled, pry it out of the mold as gently as possible.

Then, take your basic kitchen knife to the soap and cut into the shapes you choose.  I made long bars.
The soap is VERY easy to cut -- see that photo on the left?

Smooth any edges with a tiny bit of water on your hands and you are done!

To package, parchment paper or a pretty towel work well.  
Secure with twine and add a little tag so folks don't try to EAT these bars!

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