Giant vs. Weis --- Linglestown road

Did you miss the first Giant vs. Weis grocery store battle HERE?  (PS.  This post is NOT sponsored by Giant OR Weis, but this Super Bowl edition is sponsored by Rubbermaid and Sharpie. “This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie   We thank them for their support or our knock down - drag out grocery store battles!)

For the Super Bowl this year, we are attacking the snacks aisle at both giant and Weis (but we are trying to be healthy about it).  One grocery store will be the victor. The other will be the taste test loser, but one thing is for sure. We always buy enough taste testing food for an Army. Rubbermaid to the rescue!  Let the battle begin!

For this battle, our focus was on chili, salsas and a few "veggie-snacky" additions to the super Bowl menu including beets and olives.  
This process starts off in the kitchen though...

Here are a few lessons we learned after completing our first battle:

A.  Set up assembly line style in the kitchen instead of trying to serve everyone little bits at the table.
B. Use 2 or 3 cheap paper plates layered so they don't flip out of your kid's hands all over the floor.
C.  Use SHARPIE to write the name of the store on the bottom of the plate.  Why Sharpie?

Sharpie is *just* strong enough that it shows through the cheap paper plates enough for the adults to see the name of the store on the kiddos plates, but the kids still can't tell which store the food is from.  This prevents the kids from lifting the cheap paper plates up over their heads every round to see which store is which.  This happened last time (we used pen on the bottom) and we almost had SEVERAL disasters.  Moving on...

D. Go TOGETHER to the store to pick out the items.  We had a lot more fun picking out the items together last time. I went by myself this time and it felt like grocery shopping instead of a fun game AND I didn't end up with as much variety by myself as we did when we worked together.  This is a FAMILY ACTIVITY friends!

E. When you are finished with the battle, you WILL have a lot of food leftover.  This battle means opening 12-24 packages or cans of STUFF.  While we try to buy the smallest packages possible and we DO have 5 mouths to feed, we still have a LOT of leftovers after the battle.

I will be honest.  I have always hated plastic containers for leftovers.  There always seem to be a thousand of them spilling out of drawers and such and well....they are just ugly a lot of times.  My husband however loves them.  He was very quiet for 10 years, but finally spoke up about the state of our fridge full of pretty glass and ceramic containers with plastic wrap on top that you couldn't stack.  Our solution?  A compromise.  Luckily, Rubbermaid came out with (pretty!) glass leftover containers that have interchangeable lids for many of the sizes that you can STACK in the fridge.  Now we are BOTH happy :)

Back to THE BATTLE though.  Here are the results:

Black Olives - Canned:

We bought store brand varieties of large black olives.  Both tasted quite canned, but Weis had a slight edge over Giant with texture.  Giant's olives tasted a bit more "plastic-ey".  (hmmm...this seems to be a trend...remember the canned mandarin oranges?)


This was a bit of an unfair test because Giant had chili in their salad bar that was hot (with meat) while Weis had a "gourmet" store brand chili in the deli section.  I thought Giant would win hands down, but the Weis version was surprisingly good (though pricey at 6.99 for a pint).

Baked Beans:

Again, unfair because the Giant beans were fresh from the deli while weis was canned.  HOWEVER, they tasted VERY much the same.  The Giant beans were bigger, but otherwise, exactly the same.  I say Weis wins for the canned being just as good.


Giant from the deli, Weis canned.  EXACTLY THE SAME.


The southwest black bean and corn salsa from Weis was TERRIBLE.  The regular from Giant was fine and ended up being the winner, but none of the four (yes we tried four) store brand salsas blew us away.  We are sticking to fresh and name brand for salsa!

Raisin Bran Flakes:

Because I am weird and fell off the Super Bowl Snack Wagon when I saw the store brand Raisin Brans with Granola.  The Giant Raisin Bran Flakes were flat and tasted more sugary.  The Weis version tasted more like honey and had fun curvy textures to them.  I preferred Weis strongly while two of the boys liked Giant better.  We called it a draw, but I am secretly giving this one to Weis.

Shopping experience:

I went to the two stores of Lingelstown road.  Giant is hands down the more beautiful store with FREE CHILD CARE so they totally win.  HOWEVER.  Giant was MAD busy on a Sunday afternoon while Weis was calm and peaceful, just lie the first battle.  I know this seems to say Giant is better, but I REALLY like the peaceful walks through the aisles at Weis without battling other people.


We are still torn.  I like Weis.  He likes Giant.  The one thing we agree on is to be VERY selective about what we pay for at the deli counter because our items tasted VERY similar to the canned items, but cost three times as much.  Perhaps the deli items are poured straight out of a can????

Next time:

Walmart vs Target is on our radar as is a Market Pantry vs. Archer Farms Target only battle.

Your battles:

Have you tried this yet?  It is super fun and you are using your grocery budget AND feeding your family, so it is a no guilt fun time for all!  I would LOVE to hear and see your battles and get the skinny on which brands/items win in YOUR opinion!

This might help you out...Target has a $1 off coupon for any Rubbermaid food storage (but please for the love!  get glass!) and a $1 off a Sharpie 4 pack.  Stock up!!  Just text COUPONS to TARGET (you will type Target into the phone number section on your phone.)  You probably already do this, but in case not, get your Target coupons!!  (I also use an app called cartwheel that is helpful for Target coupons -- just search for t in the app store :)  The Sharpie/Rubbermaid coupons run January 25th-Feb. 8th.  Side note:  check the clearance aisle for Sharpie too -- I scored this week!

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