Giant Vs. Weis --- The Grocery Store Battles

SO we have this game. In our neck of the woods, it is Giant vs. Weis. For others it might be Kroger, Biggs, Hyvee or Wegmans. It is the battle of the grocers. I say Weis. He says Giant. Our taste buds do the talking.

You see, we have had this battle for awhile now and decided to act on it. 12 items. Exactly the same, bu the store brand or from the deli, bakery, etc. from the respective grocers. Our family, boys 7,5, and 3 are included. Majority rules.

First, let me say that this post is NOT sponsored by either Giant or Weis.  We did this because:

 A.  it is fun  and 
B.  He won't shop at Weis because he contends Giant is better in all things.  I disagree.

For the appetizer round we taste tested four items.  Four samples of store brand items on each plate.  each person gets two plates (one from each store).  Plates are labeled underneath with the name of the store.  No cheating and looking at the store name before taste testing!  Here are our results:


We kind of messed up because we got blueberry of one brand and vanilla of another.  In both cases they were not as good as a name brand yogurt but there was no clear winner between the two store brands.  We called in a draw.


We bought two packs of store brand Monterey Jack cheese.  This was a split decision.  I said HANDS DOWN Weis.  More sharp flavor, better soft texture.  Far and away the winner.  Alex and one of the boys contended they loved the Giant version.  3-2 the Weis team won on this one.


Again, no clear winner.  There was absolutely NO discernible difference between the two store brands of applesauce.


We got our coleslaws from the deli departments of both grocery stores and across the board Giant was the winner.  The Weis coleslaw couldn't hold a candle to the flavor and crunch of the Giant coleslaw.

Moving on to the "entree"...

Broccoli Salad:

I had not eaten a lot of broccoli salad before this experiment.  Perhaps it is a PA thing? Anyway, we choose broccoli salads from the deli of both Giant and Weis and I liked Weis AND Giant, but preferred Weis.  You can guess what my husband preferred...

Canned Mandarin Oranges:

Again, store brand of both items and Weis was the HANDS DOWN winner from everyone.  The oranges tasted a bit more fresh and plumper.  The Giant oranges tasted very canned and had almost a plastic texture to them.


We picked up two loaves of "fresh-baked bread" from the bakery.  A basic 99 cent Italian loaf.  Weis KILLED IT.  Fresh and delicious.  Giant not so much.  Perhaps the Weis bread had been made later in the day?  In any case, this was a surprise and a happy one for me putting Weis in the lead.

...into the dessert round we go...


We picked up a white creme filled donut and a white creme-filled donut from the bakeries of both grocery stores.  The Weis donut SO won this one!  However...


Giant killed it.  Their eclairs are MUCH better.

Whipped Creme:

Both store brand whipped creams tasted very similar.  Neither were as good as that old favorite Cool Whip!

Shopping Experience:

Giant is always PACKED while Weis has several locations that are not nearly as busy.  While one would tend to think that is because Giant is better (my husband...), I also think it makes for a MUCH nicer shopping experience not battling the crowds.  Pros and Cons to both.


The deli counter at Giant is far superior to Weis, though Weis held its own in the bakery department. Buy mandarin oranges at Weis, but in everything else, it is a tossup!   I'm begrudgingly giving the victory to Giant on this one, but I am SO UP FOR ANOTHER BATTLE.

(Come back tomorrow for the super bowl chili edition of Weis vs. Giant!)

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