Sometimes things don't have to be cute.

Sometimes things don't have to be cute...sometimes they just have to get done.  That has been my mantra this Christmas season.  As a crafter and blogger, sometimes it is hard to just DO things.  Everything needs to be *cute*, pin-worthy, bloggable.  Christmas is overload time in blogland because we are able to get lots and lots of traffic from readers looking for ideas.  ...and ideas WE DO HAVE.  We have too many in fact.  So many ideas.  So many creative alternatives to traditional activities.  Too many things to DO DO DO, too little time to do it.  In fact, oftentimes we CAN actually DO everything, we just can't do it RIGHT.

Case in point?  Elf on a shelf.

I want to do it cute and bloggable, but it isn't happening this year.  The kids love the idea though, so we are doing an elf on a shelf.  It just isn't pretty.  In fact, it is a --- grab a piece of contruction paper, write a note and move the elf --- operation.  There are very few cute setups with the elf being "bad" and there are certainly no new ideas that are blog worthy.  The truth though?  Sometimes it is more FUN to do things that aren't blog worthy.  The kids have fun.  I have fun.  ...and it isn't pretty.

So from one mom blogger to all you tired moms that think you can't do something unless it is perfectly pinnable and creative?

Don't stress over Christmas. Enjoy it.  Embrace construction paper and Sharpies.

Note:  We don't actually use on Elf on a Shelf either :)   I went with the more traditional and not so "tattle-taley" Christopher Popinkins.  He is a nice sized (like 8-9 inches tall) elf with bendy wire limbs perfect for hanging from curtain rods and such :)

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Julia Konya said…
You are so right. Too much to do, can't get it all done! I feel the same.
And I have never seen that other elf like it so much better.
Amy Renea said…
Right? I think the popular elf is a weeee it creepy :)