QUICK AND EASY Christmas Gifts ::: Metallic Onesies

New babies in the family?
No time for a SERIOUS handcrafted gift that takes hours?

You can still make a custom gift with baby in mind!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY onesies:


It is very important to have a hard surface under the cloth you are transferring onto.  A cushioned ironing board will not work!  I simply use a leftover cabinet door from IKEA, but any piece of solid wood will work!   Lay your clean, dry material on the hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles.

Cut around the transfer, but make sure you don't clip any of the actual image.  
This is just to give you a better idea of how to space the image once you place it on the shirt.

Once the image is cut out, place the rough image side down and the smooth side up.

Time to iron!  Make sure your iron is hot before starting the transfer (I used the 'cotton' setting).  Maintain even, strong pressure for 60-90 seconds.  Make sure not to let the transfer shift by pressing down on the iron and not directly sideways.  60-90 seconds is longer than you might think!  Make sure to time it or else the transfer won't come off perfectly.

Once the transfer has cooled, very, very slowly peel back the paper and voila!  There is the image!
I peeled a little from the top, then a little from the bottom, then finished with the center portion for the best release.

For the snuggle bunny onesie, I centered the "snuggle bunny" on the front and then when turned around, the "monkey business" was on the rump.

For the second set of shirts, I waned to try out the metallic transfers.  They are AWESOME.
The same basic process is used, but I found the metallic iron-ons take a tad more time 
than the 90 seconds to transfer and need to be peeled even more slowly than the basic transfers.

Now how many babies do YOU know that need a new onesie??
Check out the FULL SELECTION of TRANSFERS at Consumer Crafts and get that iron heated up!

Want to make your own designs?  THIS IRON ON TRANSFER is a good option!

12 Days till Christmas!

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