Lighting Up the Advent Calendar with the PPL Envolve Project

Remember our Advent calendar?
Those aren't just ANY lights!

They are led twinkle lights combined with ping pongs for one of my favorite light strands EVER.  No joke. 

It all started with PPL and the Envolve project...

I opened my box and what did I see...

My mission to reduce energy usage during the holiday season!

Back to those lights though...

Christmas Lights on Make A Gif

They are fun twinkle and wink lights, but with the added fun of ping pong ball accents!

Find the leds HERE HERE and HERE on Amazon.
Pin pong balls are cheap HERE.  (140+ for about $13)
To make the pink pong accents, just poke a hole into the ball, insert the light and done!

Full instructions below:

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Have time for another fun upcycling project?  Try this Newspaper Gift Bag for Christmas!
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Back to that box though...not only were there led twinkle lights, but a fun flashlight nightlight was included along with an exterior lights timer.  Both fabulous for early winter nights and saving energy!  Someone quickly commandeered the nightlight...

He seriously did this for about an hour...saving energy AND entertaining the kids.  I'll take it!

Keep visiting here at the Nest for more tips and tricks on saving energy, lowering your costs and brightening your home for this Christmas season!

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Natalie said…
I love it! I would never think to clump the ping pong balls the way that you did in certain spots, but that is such a great effect! Such a gorgeous set-up!
Amy Renea said…
Thanks Natalie! We are going ;)