Jump Into Jewelry with Aki for New Years!!!

WHEW.  We are in that lull after Christmas and before New Years and if you are anything like me, your hands are needing something to craft while you are cloistered indoors (thank you snow and ice).  Aki is bringing us the perfect little craft inspired by the oh so wonderful and always wallet-emptying Anthropologie.  Take it away Aki!

Hello again you guys! If you're looking for something to glam up your New Year's Eve party outfit then this post is just for you. I'll show you how to make this easy hair comb inspired by Anthropologie's Stargazing Barrette. It's really easy and cheap - plus you can make way more than one with the materials that you get (or you can just use what you have on hand! That's what I did). Let's start!


  • Star-shaped flatback crystal rhinestones - different sizes; I got mine at a craft store.
  • Round flatback crystal rhinestones (Get them on Amazon for super cheap -- a little over a dollar for almost 1,500!!)
  • Gold spray paint
  • E6000 glue
  • Plastic hair comb

Arrange how you want your stars to sit on your hair comb. 
Take a photo to remember or else you'll have to figure it out again after spray painting them :)

Spray paint your stars and wait for it to dry. It helps to stick them 
down on a strip of double-sided tape so they won't fly off when you spray them with the paint.

Glue the first layer onto your comb with E6000.

Then glue the next layer. Wait for that to dry fully (i.e. not moving at all anymore).

You may just choose to leave it as it is, I actually like it better this way, but if you want more bling...

Glue on the rhinestones with E6000 as well, using a toothpick or cotton swab to apply the glue. Wait for that to dry and you are done!

Wasn't that relatively painless? Now make a bunch to give to your friends - the season of giving isn't over yet! 
Have fun crafting, and till next time! :)


Thanks Aki!!  I think these are so adorable and would look great for New years, but also for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any old day!!

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oh i love this! i might do this with bobby pins! so cute!