Gift in a Jar ::: Kitchen Spice Rubs and Sweet Mixes

Yesterday, I shared my Hibiscus and Ginger Bath Salts with you and today we are using jars to spice up the KITCHEN instead of the bath!  
Are you ready?  Then break out all those bulk food bags and tins and let's get mixing!

The sky is the limit when creating these jar gifts, but let me give you a jumping off point.
First off, you need JARS.  Use recyclables, mason jars or the jars pictured HERE  (only $2.57 each!)

Then start thinking about your ingredients.  I like to visit a bulk food store, or the bulk bin 
section of the grocery store and load up on basics like oats, flax, seeds, nuts and flours. 
Coconut, marshmallows and various spices are also great for sweeter jars!

Pour the ingredients in layers for interest and let the gift recipient shake them up before use.
Pouring on an angle makes really pretty diagonal layers like this:

Here are a few of my combinations:

Curry Panko Cumin Meat Rub (pictured below) with Curry powder, Garlic salt and Cumin
Spicy Panko Meat Rub with Paprika, Cayenne, Cumin and White Pepper (pictured above)
Steel Cut Oats with Flax seed, Flaxmeal Cinnamon and Spice (pictured above)
Coconut Flakes and Mini Marshmallows (perfect for baking!)

I also made some breakfast jars like:

Flax and Oats mix with Steel Cut Oats, Flax Seed, Flax Meal and Cinnamon (pictured below)
Steel Cut Oats -- (just in bulk -- pictured below)
Cinnamon Sugar (You mix 3 parts sugar to cinnamon, powdered or regular, raw or not)

Add chalkboard labels, cute little tags or a note to explain how to use the mix.
Surprise a friend with your "famous" meat rub or morning hot cereal mix.
You CANNOT go wrong with a beautiful jar of consumable food.
A necessary product made with high quality ingredients pretty enough to sit on the counter.
What hostess, mama, sister or friend wouldn't want one or two??

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Julia Konya said…
You come up with the best simple but awesome ideas!