For days when your kids are bored and you have no energy...

Kiwi Crate provided a sample crate for my boys to check out.  All opinions are my own and no chickens were harmed in the creation of this post.

So these Kiwi Crates are supposed to be for kiddos slightly older than my three-year old, buuuuut...

There was no stopping him.  Literally, he was so excited that he started opening the box with a stick.  

Is it any surprise it was a nature lovers box?

 So, you all must know that these craft kits are GOOD.  They are nice materials that will stand up to rough handling.  They are far and away the best paper craft kits I have worked with.  Now, of course these projects aren't going to last as long as, say, a metal or wooden toy, but for papercraft?  They are EXCELLENT.  (...and just so you know, reviewed products on this blog RARELY get that word.  Excellent means EXCELLENT.)

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Once we started tearing into the box, we found the supplies for the Nature Collection Kit.

Just fold the cardboard inserts...

Put one of the cards down for a scavenger hunt (there are color cards and various nature picture cards, etc).

Decorate the outside...

and done!

Yes, his big brother DID get to do the activity too -- there were two in our crate!

Once the collection kits were done, it was time to start collecting!

Poor chickens almost lost a feather (attached!) to the nature hunters.  *almost*

Our 7-year old also had an activity in the crate.  His was a cool starlit lantern:

He also had a friend to keep him company...

Then he had another friend...

Before long, I noticed....

Count up those knees!  There were three!

GET THIS LANTERN FREE (Shipping is $3.95)

You better watch out...

3-year olds like lanterns too...

My overall opinion on Kiwi Crate.  EXCELLENT with a capitol E.  This crates can seem a bit pricey ($20 for a crate), but if you are a busy mom that wants to do a fun craft with your kids, these are perfect!  Need a gift idea for the kid who has everything?  These are your ticket.  I can't stress how high quality the items are, from the thick, matte papers to the cute little tools (like that star punch!)  It would take a LOT of time and effort to put together a crate this nice yourself for the kids, and while I DO put toegether activities for my guys all the time, the Kiwi Crate is a GREAT alternative when I just do NOT have the time!  By the way, both activities in the crate were almost completely able to be put together without adult intervention AND both led to imaginative play after the craft was completed.

Kiwi Crate Nature Box Collection 

Ages - Kiwi Crate recommends older children, but my 3-5 year olds loved it!
Quality - 5/5
Ease of Assembly - 5/5
Imaginative Play Sparker - 5/5

Kiwi Crate Lantern

Ages - 5-6 with assistance and 7-8 independently
Quality - 5/5
Ease of Assembly - 5/5
Imaginative Play Sparker - /5

I can't wait to try our next Kiwi Crate...wonder who will break into the box first!  If it is these  Space Hero Capes, there might be an all out battle...

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