English Christmas Crackers -- NOPE you don't eat them!

Everybody welcome back Nikki of Tikkido.com with this fun, fast and super cute Christmas craft!  Take it away Nikki!!

When Santa visits our home each year, he always leaves a traditional English Christmas cracker in each person's stocking. 
 Not the kind you eat--a pretty paper tube that pulls apart with a loud SNAP and showers you with tiny trinkets and toys.

Christmas crackers can be bought at many stores these days, even here in the United States, but they can be pricey. And if you want to have a specific treat inside, or want to use a particular paper to go with your party theme, making your own is the way to go.

Materials for making English Christmas Crackers:

--giftwrap paper
--toilet paper tube
--string or ribbon
--hot glue gun
--Cracker snaps (the thing that makes the loud sound)
--treats to go inside

Cut the wrapping paper to an 8"x12" rectangle. Wrapping paper is perfect for this purpose, because it comes in a huge array of designs and colors, but is delicate enough to rip apart when the time comes. Scrapbook paper is simply too durable for the job.

Glue the cracker snap to the cardboard tube using just a *small* dab of glue on just *one* side of
the center where the two halves pull apart.

With a thin line of hot glue, adhere the cardboard tube to the edge of the wrapping paper rectangle.

Roll tightly, and glue the paper in place.

Pinch the paper carefully at one end, and tie TIGHTLY with ribbon or string. 
 Fill the cracker with whatever you'd like. 
 Traditionally, Christmas crackers contain a joke, a tissue paper crown, and a toy or candy.

Once filled, carefully pinch the other side and tie to close. It's as simple as that!

To open, give one end to a friend or family member, grab the other end, hold firmly, and PULL.
 It will snap apart with a fun crack and the toys will tumble out, to everyone's delight.
These are so cute Nikki!!  What a fun idea for stockings or even ornaments that can be pulled off the tree and SNAPPED!  
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