CHRISTMAS Marshmallow Snowmen


...and in full measure I might add...

So we celebrate everything SNOW! and usher in Christmas with this fun little craft!

These silly little guys are easy to make and easy to customize.  My guy here has kind of a cool vibe with his football shaped eyes, but you can give him a smile with nerds, some buttons with pom poms or any variety of looks with random craft supplies and candies.  Here are the basics:

Supplies needed:

I found this travel liquor set at the thrift store for a few pennies and thought it made the perfect "kit" for us to drag around outside to make snowmen.  The pipe cleaners fit the length perfectly, but any case will work.  These pencil boxes would be really cute too!

Directions for Assembling Snowmen:

1. You need to give Mr. Snowman a waist, so nip in the middle of the marshmallow with a little twine or string.
2. Give him arms by snipping off two little pieces of pipe cleaner and pushing them into the marshmallow.
3. Attach the top hat and carrot nose with a little frosting
4. Give him eyes, nose, mouth and other details with candies and  other craft supplies.

(Portions of this post previously have appeared on the Crafts Unleashed blog.)

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Julia Konya said…
So fun! My daughter would love this