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Onel knocks my socks off EVERY time she posts, but today's contributor post might just take the cake. 
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DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Hello, readers of the Nest! I'm back with another simple sewing project. I wrote a post on how to make a drawstring bag 
the other day and today I'm sharing another bag tutorial. This time, a sling bag! Are you ready?

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

What you need

  1. Fabric (you can use felt or other fancy fabric);
  2. Snap Fastener;
  3. Button;
  4. Bag strap;
  5. Needle & thread;
  6. Scissors.
DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Fabric dimensions are as below:

1 piece of 32 cm x 15 cm fabric;

1 piece of 33 cm x 16 cm fabric

2 pieces of 1.5 cm x 12 cm fabric.

Step 1: Take the largest piece of fabric (33 cm x 16 cm) and fold 0.5 cm inward. 
This will be the inside part of the bag. It will help a lot if you could iron the folding :)

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Step 2: Stitch the two big rectangular fabrics together. Note: my sewing machine broke down 
so I have no choice but to handsew this. Feel free to use your sewing machine if you have one!

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Step 3: Take your strap and sew or glue both ends to the smaller fabrics.

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Step 4: Fold the big fabric and sew the fabrics with strap on the left and right side.

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Step 5: Add a pair of snap fasteners.

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon

Step 6: This is actually optional, but I prefer to cover the snap fasteners with cuter buttons ;)

DIY Tutorial: Easy Sling Bag | @onelmon for @amyk

Wear it over your shoulder and we are done! Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy this simple sewing tutorial :)

BEYOND adorable Onel!  I want one!!

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