Simple Thanksgiving Placecards and Kid's Activity for around 5 BUCKS!

Today's craft was inspired by a bored mommy crafting with her kids.  Anyone relate?

If your kids are anything like mine, they love love love foamies.  
Foam soccer balls, foam airplanes, foam hearts and stars and trees and even turkeys.  Yes, turkeys.

Aren't they cool?
Yes...for kids.

Would you want that colorful little turkey gracing the table at Thanksgiving though?
Probably not.

While the kids were crafting their own versions, I started playing around with the forms 
and came up with a simple, easy to assemble, classy turkey place card holder.


Those little mini cards are the key ingredient for classing up these foamies.  Made of a thick card stock, they are the perfect size to place behind the turkey feathers to serve as a backdrop and writing surface.  To attach the two, you need to make a slit in the little card so the turkey body can notch into the form.  There is already a notch cut in the turkey feathers, so simply line up the feather foam piece with the white card and cut out a notch.

Then go ahead and snip off the additional paper so the notch is large enough for the foam turkey body piece.

Once the notch is cut, hot glue the foam feather piece to the card
 and write the name of your guest on the white section left exposed.

Then simply slide the turkey body into the slot to anchor the name tag.

To finish off the place setting, I added a simple white linen tablecloth wrapped in a strip of burlap.

Each end of the burlap strip received a little antique scrabble tile 
(find similar tiles HERE) for the guests' initials.  
In my case, it was a B and B for Benjamin Button. :)

So what do you think?
Did this bored mom come up with a classy solution for throwaway kid's crafts?

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