QUICK AND EASY Christmas Gift ::: Hibiscus and Peony Soap

This is the first (of several!) QUICK AND EASY Christmas Gifts I have planned to share with you!  This one is a layered soap that includes a few fun ingredients (like hibiscus flowers!) and is molded in a bundt pan for a fun look.   Join me today as we create a fun three-layer circle of soap!


That list of ingredients looks a little intimidating, but I honestly just raided my pantry for the tea, food coloring and bundt pan, so the only item I actually needed to get was the soap base itself!  Check out YOUR pantry -- you might be surprised!  Now let's get busy making some soap!


1. I wanted to try making a "wheel of soap", so I simply sprinkled my dried flowers (hibiscus) into the bottom of the bundt pan, melted a white soap base in the microwave (start with 1 minute for two square or blocks, then add 30 seconds until it is all melted), then poured the soap on top of the flowers.

2.  That was layer #1.  I allowed the layer of flowers and white soap to cool (around 30 minutes), then I took two more soap blocks, melted them, and poured a plain white layer into the pan.   This was the layer I added in a little fragrance oil.  Simply stir in a few drops of oil to the melted soap before pouring it into the pan.

3.  After another 30 minutes, I poured a THIRD layer of white into the pan, dripped 4-5 drops of blue food coloring around the pan and "swirled" with a toothpick.  See the way it looks marbled?

4.  Getting the soap OUT of the pan is a teensy bit more tricky.  I already had this porcelain pan in my kitchen so I used it, but THESE Silicon Bundt Pans would be easier.  That said, any dish that is slick to the touch and/or non-stick will work!  This soap is slippery and pops out of molds pretty easily when it is still a little warm.

Use a knife on one section to gently separate the soap from the pan in one small area, then simply pull the entire soap ring out (gently!).

5.  Once the ring of soap was out, I allowed it to cool even further, smoothed any "rough" edges with my fingers (a little bit of water on your hands will make any evidence of the knife marks disappear) and then cut them into slices.

The end result?  Three layer soap with hibiscus flowers to exfoliate and a delicious peony fragrance!
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