Need Better Photos? Simple Photoshop Editing Tips with Agus

Welcome a BRAND new contributor Agus today!  Agus is going to be our photography guru, here to show YOU how to make your photos POP right off the page and screen!  Agus is using photoshop for these tutorials, but good news -- these tutorials are simple enough that you can do them with simple editing programs like Elements or even Picmonkey.  I know many of the readers here at the Nest are beginner-intermediate photographers, so don't worry!  Agus is going to start small with simple editing fixes to help you take your photos from "eh, ok" to "Wow!  That is pretty!"  Sound like your speed?  Then let us hop right in with Agus's first tutorial, shall we??

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Basic Editing Tips and Tricks 

These are the basic editing skills you will need to make your photos look amazing!


Play around with these three simple adjustments and your photos can instantly improve.
(I used Adobe Photoshop, but you can find this tools in any editing program.)

The first thing I did, and the adjustment I find the most important and makes the biggest difference is: Levels.  When you open the levels window (in PS, image > adjustments > levels), you will notice that there are little "mountains", and arrows in each corner.  You have to move those arrows towards the end of the mountains, and that is it! Your image will start looking much better after this first step!

The second thing is: Brightness  (in PS, image >  adjustments > brightness).  You have to be really careful
not to add too much brightness, because your image will loose quality and start looking noisy.

Finally, our image is much more bright, but still looks a bit grey, and lacking in color. To fix that, 
we are using our Saturation window  (in PS, image > adjustments > saturation) to pop up the colors a bit.

And here are a few other examples, on how this three simple commands can make the difference!

Sometimes you need to add more brightness, or more saturation, 
but there is no formula for that, just playing around, until you are happy with the result!!!

Thanks Agus!!  I love that you stayed so simple with these instructions.  Anybody can DO this!!!  
Break out those photo editing programs and adjust, adjust, adjust folks!  Want to go to the next step?
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