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This tutorial would not have been possible without the supplies provided.  All opinions are my own.

I don't know about you, but I love a little sparkle around Christmastime.  It is the one time of year that glitter is perfectly acceptable in any amount. While January 1st I feel like throwing anything with any sparkle or evergreen needles OFF THE ROOF, today I am glitter crazy.  Today I want to cover my HOUSE in glitter and since I know I would hate it in a few months, I will restrain myself and stick to sparkling up the GARDEN!

Won't you join me??

I decided to start with this mirror I had leftover from an auction dresser.  The dresser (with attached mirror) cost $10, so essentially the mirror was free, but to split hairs, you could say it cost a few dollars.  In ANY case, I wanted that mirror to SPARKLE!

The sparkle gets a kind of crackle finish if you apply it the afternoon before a freeze - kind of a cool effect!

I used two concentrations of green sparkle.  On the frame, I painted with green craft paint first, then once it had dried applied several layers of sparkle Mod Podge.  For the mirror itself, I just wanted a *hint* of green, so I used the brush with a tiny bit of green paint and a WHOLE lot of sparkle Mod Podge.  I started on the edges of the mirror (See below) so the green fades from the frame to pure sparkly white in the center of the mirror.

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You can use a little sparkle or a LOT.  
Below is what the sparkle Mod Podge looks like going on and how subtle the effect is with just one coat.  
Keep layering for more and more glitz!

The whole idea for this piece was to add a little something to the garden when most of the garden is dying off.  
The green is bright but still blends in well with the surrounding browns and evergreens.

The reflective mirror still reflects light and the shapes of the plants, while not giving a true reflection.  
It is just the right amount of surprise to give this section of the garden some life in winter.

The great thing about Mod Podge?  
If you want to change things up NEXT Christmas you can just scrape it right off the mirror!

Now, just in case you thought we were FINISHED with the sparkle, THINK AGAIN!

 I went a step further and actually added sparkle to evergreen leaves!
Here is the thing -- they can take it, but only if you do not coat the ENTIRE leaf.
If you are cutting the evergreens (anything from holly to boxwood to pine branches), 
go ahead and go crazy.  The branches will last a few weeks for you, sparkle and all.

However, is you are putting a little sparkle on plants that are in the ground, do NOT cover the entire leaf or needle.  
They need to "breathe" in order to survive and coating them in Mod Podge could very well kill them.

A little sparkle though?  No biggie!

The leaves on the the left below have been cut and coated, while the ones on the right are still intact on the plant. 

Of course, Christmas isn't Christmas without a little green AND red... 

On the other side of this bed, there are a lot of evergreens, but no color at all during winter.  No berries -- no nothing.  The next bed over, however, has a wonderful stand of red twig dogwood that contrasts beautifully with the evergreens and is intense again the winter snows.  I decided to mirror that natural concept with some sparkly reds!

This project is OHSOSIMPLE and adds a good bit of color when the skies are grey.
In fact, this project is so simple that my three-year old was my crafting partner this day!

Simply grab some branches that are dead, dry and straight (or go curly if you wish but they are more work!).
Paint them red, then add as many layers of fun sparkle Mod Podge as you dare!

We accessorized with some natural elements as well as some little ornaments.

So are you feeling the sparkle bug?  Ready to glimmer and shine!
Go get a little sparkle for a glittery, glimmering Christmas this year!

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