Marshmallow + Coffee + Chocolate + Fluff + Shortbread Bars

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OH and there's cinnamon too...

There ARE a lot of flavors in these bars, but they are all fairly subtle, save the chocolate and marshmallow!
Let's get ready to give our neighbors a Christmas dessert they will be asking for every year around December!

Off to Walmart for some supplies...READ ON FOR THE DESSERT RECIPE HERE

This recipe is based upon a basic shortbread recipe, making the bars a buttery, dense, SUPER rich bar.


1 stick Butter -- get the real thing, no margarine!
1/4 cup Cinnamon Sugar ( I make my own mix!)
1 4 oz. bar of Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate
1/2 cup of brewed coffee (I used my morning leftovers!)
1 cup flour (all purpose white)
1/4 cup of mini-marshmallows
1/4 cup of chocolate chips
1/4 cup marshmallow fluff (for frosting)

Simply mix all your ingredients in order (Except for the fluff), but do not overmix.
Butter and chocolate should be room temp and soft!

Now comes the fun part!

I wanted to try a few different ideas, so I made squares in my brownie pan (the same one I use for making soap HERE
bars in a mini-loaf pan (from the dollar store) and some fun little cookies in vintage cookie cutters. 

Make sure you spray all molds well with cooking spray!  
The cookies will pop right out and keep their shape! 

Bake at 325 degrees for 10 minutes (cookie cutters) --- up to 30 minutes (loaf pan).  
Use discretion based on your cooking container  -- you would rather have these underdone a little than over done!

Those cookie cutters?  They are my favorite way to eat this dessert.  
They bake up perfectly inside these vintage cookie cutters and with a little marshmallow fluff on top?  Perfect.

To pipe on the marshmallow fluff, I use the simple ziplock bag technique.
I actually use the smaller size of bag because it gives me more control.  
Just put the fluff in the bag and snip off a tiny piece of the corner.
You can always make the snip bigger, but not smaller...start SMALL!

I love marshmallow fluff as an icing because it melts onto the warm cookies perfectly, spreading out to create a flawless finish.
I am NOT good with traditional icing, so this is a great alternative for an icing dummie like me :)

Here is the fluff on the bars.  Notice the bar in the middle where I added a second dollup of fluff. 

Give it a few minutes and the fluff melts down into a perfect, drippy coat:


Better yet, share a few with friends and neighbors and EAT UP together!

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