Jump Into Jewelry with Aki || Ornament Hook Earrings

Welcome back Aki today with a fun and clever Christmas earring idea.  Yup, you read that title right. 
 These stunners are made out of ORNAMENT hooks!  Read on for the technique!

Aki says:  I just love it when I see something and repurpose it into something else. Like these ornament hooks that can
 be easily repurposed into jewelry. Am I crazy? Maybe. But in my opinion, I do think they turned out cute!


  • Curly S-shaped ornament hooks - pictured below, I got these at Dollar Tree
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Earring hooks
  • Beads and other embellishments

These were the hooks I used. There are 40 of them in a pack, so if you want to, you can make 20 pairs of earrings!

Get your wire cutter out and cut the hook part. It depends on you how low you want to go, 
but it's good to start pretty high up so if you're not satisfied you can always cut more.

Now take your round nose pliers and curl the end you just cut.  

At this point, you can leave it plain or embellish it any way you like. 
You can wire-wrap some tiny beads onto it like I did on the photo above, 
or thread bigger beads onto it (before doing the step before this) to make a statement.

For the other earring, I just flattened some clam-shell type bead caps and sandwiched the wire between 
them. Other options include adding chains, dangles and whatever else you can think of to embellish your 
earrings. I did want to add some chain but I didn't have gold chain on hand when I was making these. 

Don't forget to twist your curl to the side so your earrings would hang normally.
 Skip this step if you intend to use a jump ring to attach your earring hook to the main part of your earring.

When you're done embellishing, just add your earring hooks and you are done! 
All that's left is to rock your earrings and strut about. Or...maybe give them away to friends. 
Use this earring card I made if you're planning to gift them! Download them here.

Just pierce the white part (wherever you want to hang the earring) with a pin. 
I didn't add a marker where you can pierce it because the earrings you make may be sized differently!

Voila! Now to just wrap them. See you guys again next month!

Thanks Aki!!  I am loving these and the FREE PRINTABLE is fab!!  Thanks girl!  
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