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24 November 2013

Gift in a Jar ::: 3 Minute, 3 Ingredient Pink Sugar Scrub

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This is a fantastic little gift for friends and family this Christmas!  I first saw a version of this recipe RIGHT HERE 
and adapted it with scent and color for the girls in my family.  Keep reading for the full recipe :)

The Ingredients

PINK Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Soap (NOT the white -- the pink makes it pretty!)
At least 2-3 cups of sugar
Essential oils (my favorite is grapefruit with this mix!)
Butter knife to mix (or any long, straight utensil)
Recycled glass jars or purchase Mason jars


The Method:

Start with sugar.  Funnel in enough white sugar to fill 3/4 of your container.
Then start adding the soap little by little...

(Update:  After making many of these, it sometimes starts to add a small layer of soap on the bottom to get things mixing easier)

Add 5-6 drops of essential oil -- the Grapefruit oil in this mix is DIVINE.  Smells fresh, but not "springy".


If your mixture is a little too "loose", you have too high a ratio of soap to sugar. Simply add in more sugar to tighten up the mix!

The soap "melts" the sugar a bit, so even if your jar is full, it will reduce.  
Add a little more sugar and a little more soap to fill the jar, mix again and repeat if necessary.

mmmm...smells delicious!

Perfect for those winter elbows and heels!

***One note of caution.  If you have very sensitive skin, any homemade concoction might irritate your skin.  Test a small portion before using on your skin.  Also, this is a sugar based product, so as with any sugar scrub, do not use on areas prone to yeast, namely between your toes and between your legs.  If you are prone to yeast infections, you might want to save this scrub for showers as opposed to baths.  All that said, I have used the scrub myself and love it!  No issues!
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Julia Konya Wednesday, November 27, 2013  

This is pretty amazing! I'm sure it smells wonderful!

Crystal Bell Wednesday, December 11, 2013  

I'm a little concerned about using dish soap on my body, have you used it for your own skin in the past?

Amy Renea Wednesday, December 11, 2013  

It does Julia! Crystal, it is a hand soap, made for washing dishes, but also for softening skin. If you have very sensitive skin, it might irritate it, but I have been using it to great success!

Tamara Mitchell Saturday, December 14, 2013  

I've been having problems locating the oils all i can find is the warming oils is there something else to use in place of the essential oils?

Amy Renea Saturday, December 14, 2013  

Hi Tamara -- yeah, I wouldn't use the warming oils on your skin...

Amazon has lots and lots of essential oils -- I always buy this set:


Local health stores usually have these as well -- hope that helps!

Amy Renea Saturday, December 14, 2013  

You could use fresh herbs and spices perhaps? (culinary/food grade) A little lemon juice or orange zest might work for a citrus scrub and fresh lavender would turn the mix brown, but could also be pretty? Maybe try grinding up spices like cinnamon, star anise, etc for a Christmas smell??

Lindsey Sopcak Thursday, February 11, 2016  

i am making this for a baby shower and in my test jar, the sugar and soap separated. does it do this for you?? do I just need to mix it more or will it continue to separate?

Amy Renea Thursday, February 11, 2016  

Hi Lindsey! It sounds like you should either add more sugar or perhaps just keep mixing. It takes some muscle to get the mixture fully incorporated (think sugar, butter and eggs that need to cream before adding dry ingredients when baking). The more sugar you add, the more like a scrub it becomes and will have less and less chance of separating the "dryer" it gets. I would love to see pics of your finished product -- please share!

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